NFL pick ’em

Congratulations to the winners of week 17. First place and the winner of 60,000 UPX sponsored by MJC3337 is schrosen. Watch the winner reveal below.

We have received important feedback from last week’s contest and we are excited to do another pilot for the last week of the regular season (week 18). This weeks prizes are sponsored by MARLA – the Upland Market Listing Assistant. The questions at the end of the contest form will help us to determine in what format we will move forward for the post season. If you have yet to join our discord server make sure to join here and let us know what you think of this idea! All you have to do is guess which team will win the game (not to worry if you don’t know football. Statistically speaking you have a 50% chance of getting each game correct).

1st place – 3 months of MARLA Membership!

Sponsored by MARLA – Join their Discord

First place – 3 months of MARLA Director membership ($27 value)
Second place – 2 months of MARLA Pro membership ($12 value)
Third place – 1 month of MARLA Uplander membership ($3 value)
– Participation giveaway – Dale Llama Bronze Founder Sticker NFT (all players who entered the contest are entered into a random giveaway, there will be one winner)

If you are looking to support the Upland Guide, minting a Dale Llama Bronze Founder Sticker is a great way to be a part of beginning of the Upland Guide community.

If you are confused about NFL player legits, or football in general, make sure to take a look at our page to help you get started with collecting them.

week 17 winner

For each team that you correctly pick as the game winner, you receive 1 point.
If a game ends in a tie, you receive 0 points for that game.
The top 3 players whit the most points win the respective prizes.

If there is a tie for any of the prizes, the tiebreaker question is used to break a tie.
If there is still no declared winner, the players who are tied are entered into a random draw.
The loser of the tiebreaker will be rewarded the next available prize.
If there is a tiebreaker for 3rd place, only the winner will receive the prize.

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