The Upland Guide Mission

Our goal is to become the Upland Metaverse’s leading information and classifieds site with ads in a wide range of categories – businesses, properties, Legits, and everything in between. We’re proud to provide a platform that connects Uplanders, helping them work together to build and grow the Metaverse. In addition to this, we enjoy assisting users to find great assets, as well as make money off unwanted possessions.

The Upland Guide will educate Metaverse citizens about Upland and gameplay mechanics and strategies, as well as expose players to the blockchain, NFTs, and other new technologies that will become a daily part of our real lives beyond our time in the Upland Metaverse.

The Upland Guide Vision

To become an integral pillar of the Upland Metaverse while providing the tools and resources required to help its citizens educate, grow, and develop themselves into model Uplanders who contribute to the ongoing development of the Metaverse and its sub-communities created within it.

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