Upland describes its Metaverse as a place to play, earn and connect. First and foremost, Upland is a community. We are all citizens of the Metaverse, and we own properties in different cities, and neighborhoods. Players connect and work together to develop their properties, streets, neighborhoods, cities and of course the entire Metaverse. Some of these communities can be found in our community directory.

Upland has created opportunities for developers to create their own games and applications that leverage in game assets through layer 2 dev shop experiences.

The other two pillars of Upland are play and earn. Upland is built on blockchain technology enabling its players to have ownership over their in game assets. This has created an entire new category of games called “play and earn”. In Upland, players are able to earn both UPX, the in game currency as well as USD. Learn more about all the ways players can earn in Upland. Just by being a part of the Metaverse and owning a property you are in fact playing Upland and also earning. However, this section of the Upland Guide is dedicated to the entertainment aspect of “play”. Below are the different things that can be done in Upland that we consider to be entertaining:

  • Collecting LegitsLegits are collectible assets of brands that have partnerships with Upland. The first partnership is with the NFL Players Association, FIFA and other soccer clubs where Uplanders can collect NFTs of their favorite NFL or soccer players.
  • Music Legits – Connect with your favorite musicians in the metaverse
  • Upland new city releases – New city releases are an exciting opportunity for Uplanders to learn more about a city, and even mint a special property with real world meaning.
  • Treasure hunting – Treasure hunting is an exciting way for you to compete against the clock or against other Uplanders for a chance to win both UPX or Spark.
  • Take Upland Tours – Tours are an exciting way to learn more about a real world city. Participating in them have historically awarded people with either a block explorer or with spark.
  • Car RacingCar racing is a way to compete against other players to earn in Upland
  • Collect Upland Cards – Upland Cards are an NFT project on the WAX blockchain partnered with Upland. These NFTs is the first project that will be able to be uploaded into the Metaverse.
  • Ongoing contests – Upland hosts a variety of other contests and events that are fun for the community. Check out their events calendar to see what is up next!