City Tiers and Vanilla Mode

Every new city released in Upland is classified within tiers and has a number of collections. Upland has 3 city tiers. The tiers are based on the real world status of the city. For example the status, property prices and standard of living in a city like Manhattan is greater than that of Staten Island. Based on this, tier 1 cities like San Francisco, Manhattan and Chicago have property prices that are high, visitor fees are at the maximum and there are fewer amount of FSA properties available (appx 15%). On the other end of the spectrum, a tier 3 city like Bakersfield has low property costs, low visitor fees and a majority of properties are FSA (appx 75%).

At the moment, Santa Clara, California and Rutherford New Jersey are outliers. Santa Clara was defined by Upland as tier a 1.5 city, yet has extremely high property prices. This is reflected by the fact that in the real world, living costs in Santa Clara are high as many startups and tech companies are in and around that city. Rutherford is extremely small and exists in Upland due to the fact that it hosts 2 NFL teams – the New York Jets and Giants.

A second important element of cities are their collections. Collections are broken down in to the following categories:

  • Standard
  • Limited
  • Exclusive
  • Rare
  • Ultra Rare

Owning a specified number of properties within that collection and placing them within that collection provide you with a boosted yield on your property earnings. The more difficult (fewer properties) it is to own a collection, the higher the boost. The boost factor is also based on the tier of the city, with larger boosts offered for tier 1 cities. Click here to learn more about collections.

When cities are announced, Upland notifies everyone what tier the city is part of, and also the release method of the collections. Collections are always predefined before the city release, but they are not always shared with the community before the release. If they are shared, this information will typically be done only a few hours before the actual release of the city. If not, the city will be released in vanilla mode. Read here about what strategies are available to you when participating in a new city release, and how to prepare for a new release.

Vanilla Mode City Release

When the collection properties of a city are not shared with the community beforehand, the city is released in what is called “vanilla mode”. Upland defines the collection properties and boost rates before the release, mints it on the blockchain but only later is shared with the public. Only after the large majority of the collection properties have been mined, are collections revealed.

The most exciting part in my opinion about vanilla mode city releases is the need to research the city. If you have ever gone on a big roadtrip or traveled to a new city, you want to find out where is the downtown, what are the landmarks, best restaurants, attractions, etc. Typically, collections are related to important neighborhoods and streets in the city. Especially in the new age of Covid-19 as people are traveling less, Upland can provide a bit of escape-ism. The best part is that you could potentially be the owner of one of those great properties! Read our top 5 reasons that we love vanilla releases.

Upland Guide

Upland Guide