If you are have just discovered Upland and are getting started, know that there is a learning curve to the game. At first, the game is intriguing as it offers endless possibilities to play, earn, and connect. Before that you do need to understand the fundamentals of the game and how to play. The Upland Guide YouTube playlist for new players and the top 10 mistakes to avoid as a new player are the perfect places to start.

The Upland Guide has all the information you need to know starting with our FAQ page. Our menu at the top of the page will help you navigate the important aspects of the Metaverse. We also dive into general strategies and detail all the different ways you can earn in Upland. Developing a beginner strategy, becoming an Uplander and additional strategies to progress to several statusespro and director are also important milestones you may strive to acheive. We teach you about real estate in the Metaverse, how to have a minting strategy for new city releases, how to begin construction with spark and creating life with STEM.

If you happen to be a sports fan – NFL, soccer, racing, or e-sports, check out Upland’s partners as a great way to connect to other fans and collect Legits and other collectibles

If you think you are ready to dive into the Metaverse, test your knowledge by taking our quizzes to make sure you have the basic understanding of the fundamentals before starting. It can prevent you from making mistakes.

Whether it be cars, Legits, treasure hunting, or other future features, the Upland Guide will be the first to provide you with the important information and tips on how to include this in your Metaverse life and strategy.

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