Earning in Upland takes on several forms. There are two types of currency that you can earn in Upland. Firstly, you earn in UPX, which is the in game currency within Upland (not to be confused with the crypto coin of the same name. They are unrelated). Secondly, it is also possible to earn US Dollars within the game. Not only can you earn USD within the game, but you are able to export your assets to the ethereum blockchain and sell items for Ethereum. Lastly spark is valuable asset in the game that cannot be transferred, but can be accumulated. Learn more about sparklet here. If you are a new player and you are looking to find out how you can earn your first 10,000 UPX in order to become an Uplander, this page details all the different ways of doing that. Don’t forget to use our referral code for additional UPX bonuses when signing up for Upland. Learn more about the Upland economy here or watch our YouTube playlist of the same title.

Note that in order to earn USD or spark you must first verify your identity through the KYC process (know your customer). Learn more here.

Browse our playlist below to learn all the ways to earn in USD, UPX, Ethereum and spark! If you are a brand or an individual looking to get a fast start in the Metaverse, consider looking at the consulting services we provide.

Earn USD

Earn UPX

Upland has placed a maximum cap on the amount of UPX you have have uncollected at any given point in time. Learn more about how that affects you here.

Earn Sparklet

Earn Crypto

More ways to earn

Upland is continuing to develop new methods for players to earn while in the metaverse. Start growing your net worth and engaging in the community. It is a great way to be seen and make connections within upland, which may be helpful down the road! Drop in to the Upland Guide discord server and say hi! Learn about other ways you can earn cryptocurrencies with additional referral bonuses from the Upland Guide.

In addition to ways you can earn in Upland, read our introduction to the blockchain. If you are unfamiliar with what it is, it’s the underlying technology that allows players to earn by playing Upland. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are sold and exchanged using the blockchain. Find out some other unique ways that you can begin to earn cryptocurrencies.

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