Upland Legits – NFL Players

If you have ever collected football cards or played Fantasy Football, Upland is utilizing NFTs, the blockchain and its technology to revolutionize both of these industries. You can read about how Upland Legits as NFTs are becoming a popular alternative to physical trading cards.

Upland still has many features in development. The Upland Legits are extremely new; the first Legits were distributed on October 17th, 2021. Not all the Legits functionality will be realized immediately, but it doesn’t stop the Upland Guide form speculating as to how this Legits will be utilized in the long term.

Read here about the different types of NFL Player Upland Legits. Upland has indicated that Legits can be purchased using the in game coin – UPX at specific locations in the Metaverse. These specific locations are the stadiums and official NFLPA stores. For example, if your favorite player is Patrick Mahomes – quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and you want to buy Legits of him, you will need to travel within Upland to Arrowhead Stadium, which is located in Kansas City in order to buy them.

Once you own some Legits, read about what can be done with your NFL player Upland Legits. The thing the Upland Guide is most excited about is our speculation regarding how Upland will revolutionize how people play fantasy football.

Upland Guide

Upland Guide