Creators in Upland

Creators are just one type of player who you can find in the Upland Metaverse. 3D model creators are not just cogs in the metaverse machine, but the very architects of its future. Upland is a vibrant metaverse that enables players to easily upload user generated content in the form of 3D zero code NFTs into the metaverse that can be sold for either UPX or USD. As a brand, or an independent designer you are able to start your own business in the metaverse, called metaventures and sell designs of structure ornaments, map assets, vehicles, karts and more in the future. If you are a designer, the way to create these items in Upland is through manufacturing. Learn more about that here.

Its not just limited to creating 3D models in Upland, developers can even create experiences, games and apps that add onto the platform as Layer 2 dev shops. Watch the video below to learn more about creators, developers and all the different types of players you can find in the metaverse. Whether you are entrepreneurial or not, there are lots of ways to earn in the metaverse – including earnings in USD.