Upland new city releases are really exciting. You have the opportunity to mint just about any property you can think of. Whether it be your favorite restaurant, childhood home, a downtown museum the options are endless. Whether you are a collector, holder, or flipper there are infinite opportunities during these releases. In addition to this, it is the best time to grow your net worth.

There are two types of city releases – regular and vanilla. The difference being that in vanilla mode, the collection properties are not immediately known, but are revealed about one week after the release. Read here about what we think makes vanilla releases more fun and interesting. The announcement of a city release is usually done one week before the release. In this announcement they include whether it is vanilla or regular, the percentage of FSA properties and the city tier.

In preparation for a new city release, it is important to be prepared. Understand how the process works, see more tips on our YouTube playlist dedicated to learning more about new city releases. Here are five things that will help you show up prepared.

  1. Have a budget
  2. Show up on time with sends
  3. Research the city
  4. Have a plan
  5. Have a plan B

Have a budget

With so much opportunity and properties to mint in a new city, its easy to get carried away. Whether you are investing outside USD or crypto, or if you are using the UPX you have hand, have a budget. There will always be new cities each of which with infinite opportunities, so pace yourself.

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Show up on time with sends

Make sure that you travel to the city before the release time. Stay tuned for Upland’s official announcement when travel routes have been opened. You don’t want to show up late, because once the city is released, the most popular neighborhoods are completely sold out within minutes. When determining the best way to travel use the Upland Guide Discord Server Travel Bot. He will tell you both the fastest and cheapest ways to travel from A to B.

Research the city

Upland is all about creating a Metaverse that blurs the lines between the virtual and the real world. Just like in the real world, a property in the downtown core and a same sized property in the suburbs are not created equal. You wouldn’t buy a piece of land in the real world without research, and we recommend the same in the Metaverse. As a rule of thumb, the high value neighborhoods in the real world also have higher values in the Metaverse. Collection properties almost always have high demand and therefore have a higher resale value.

Have a plan

Formulate a plan. You should have a long term strategy and work backwards from there to determine what properties you want to invest in this specific city. Everyone’s plan is different. Maybe your plan doesn’t include you owning properties in this specific city. The Metaverse is ever expanding, and soon it might become overwhelming to focus your time an energy in so many different cities. This is why its so important to have a long term strategy and make a budget.

Secondly, if you will be buying your first properties in the new city release make sure to read the new city release strategy, as well as the best strategies for completing the basic collections – newbie, king of the street, and city pro.

Have a plan B

If the specific properties you want to mint are likely to be other people’s plans as well, its good to have a backup plan. Yes, going to mint the most popular place in the city can get you a big payout, but only one person can mint that property. If someone beats you to it, you will want to have a secondary (and maybe even a plan C). Try to avoid impulse purchases. You may find out that UPX could have been better off saved for a future city release or other opportunity.

Lastly, you will want to avoid these common mistakes made during new city releases.