Entering the Metaverse

When you join the Metaverse, you will need to choose your starting city. Ideally, your first task is to mint a property. Minting a property refers to being the first person to purchase the property and creating it on the block chain. As mentioned, your starting city can differ based on your initial strategy and the amount of money you are putting into the game. At any given time, the answer could change. Upland announcements, new in game features, secondary market prices are all dynamic and can have influence on the question “What city should I start in?” This page may not have the answer to where you should start, but hopefully it will help you narrow down your choices of where not to start. Watch the video below for some additional insight on helping you to define your starting strategy or continue below for the list of cities.

If you are an NFL fan and anticipate building up your Fan Points for a specific team, it might make strategic sense to establish that team’s Upland City as you starting city. Click here to see the list of NFL teams and their host Upland cities. Read more about Upland NFL Player Legits here.

Below are the cities in order of their release dates, and their statuses. Feel free to ask us on Discord or send us a message using the blue button in the bottom right corner with any questions you might have about where is the best place to start right now.

If you are joining Upland right before the release of a new city, you should know that new city releases are the best opportunity for you to exponentially grow your net worth. Upland typically gives up to one weeks notice prior to releasing a new city. There are many announcements leading up to the release, and this page will help to explain that in more details so you can be better prepared.
This list was last updated on January 6, 2022

Release orderCityRelease DateProperty AvailabilityTreasure Hunting TierCity Info
1San Francisco, CaliforniaSold out1Tier 1
2Fresno, CaliforniaSold out3Tier 3
3Manhattan, New YorkSold out1Tier 1
4Brooklyn, New YorkSold out2Tier 2
5Oakland, CaliforniaSold out2Tier 2
6Staten Island, New YorkSold out3Tier 3
7Bakersfield, CaliforniaSold out3Tier 3
8Chicago, IllinoisSold out1Tier 1
9Cleveland, OhioSold out2Tier 2
10Santa Clara, CaliforniaSold out2Tier 1.5 - Small and expensive city. Upland was not clear regarding why exactly it doesn't fit in to an existing tier
11Kansas City, MissouriSept. 23, 2021Properties available2Tier 2
12Rutherford, New JerseySept. 23, 2021Sold out3Tier 2-ish - not clearly defined. Extremely small city that hosts 2 NFL teams - New York Jets and Giants
13New Orleans, LouisianaOct. 4, 2021Sold out2Tier 1
14Nashville, TennesseeNov. 3, 2021non-FSA Properties available2*** Upland announced their tier system will be revamped.
15Bronx, New YorkDec. 15, 2021Sold out2Send Fees (Lo/Hi/Default): 20/100/40 UPX
Airport: None
Collection Range: 9-15
FSA Allocation: ~20%
16Alameda and Berkeley CaliforniaDec. 29, 2021Sold out2 (part of Oakland)This city is an extension of Oakland.
Send Fees (Lo/Hi/Default): 10/50/20 UPX
Airport: None
Collections: 4-7 New Collections for Oakland
FSA Allocation: ~27%

It is possible for new properties to become available in cities that are listed above as sold out. When a visitor is inactive for one week his account automatically gets deleted. All of his properties are returned back into the game for other players to mint. It is entirely possible that this occurs but they will be very hard to come by.

Join the Upland Guide Discord server if you have any specific questions about where to enter the Metaverse.

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