Collections Strategy

Base collection in the upland metaverse

This page will detail for new players the strategy behind when and how to go after these collections and how to manage them to maximize your earnings. Learn more about the other types of collections here. Check out this YouTube video to learn how to add properties to a collection. This strategy is most relevant for people who are playing for free, or have put in less than 20$ into the game.

A great way to earn more UPX is to complete collections and receive the bonuses that come in two forms.

  1. Collection bonus – a one time bonus for acquiring the properties that are required to fill the collection. This bonus is only paid out after holding the collection for a minimum amount of time based on the collection rarity.
  2. Earnings boost – a yield percentage boost which you receive as long as you have the set of properties actively held in the collection. For example, if you have a property that has a monthly earnings of 1000 UPX and it is part of a collection that has a 1.5X boost, this property will earn 1500 UPX per month

The first collections you will attempt to fill, and the easiest are as follows:

  1. Newbie – own one property in Upland. You receive an 800 UPX bonus, and a 1.1x boost.
  2. King of the Street – own three properties on the same street. You receive an 950 UPX bonus, and a 1.3x boost.
  3. City Pro – own 5 properties in the same city. You receive an 1200 UPX bonus, and a 1.4x boost.
  4. Base City Specific – own 3 properties in (specific city). You receive approximately 650 UPX bonus, and the boost varies based on the city.


Once you buy your first property, complete this immediately. As you purchase larger (higher mint value) properties make sure to update this collection with that property. Maximizing your boosts will provide you with more UPX. It may not seem like much at the beginning, but it grows as your net worth enlarges and you put larger properties in this collection.

King of the Street

Completing this collection is also simple, but there is a right and a wrong time to do so. Just like the Newbie collection, as your net worth grows and you are able to purchase larger properties, you will be updating this collection as well. As a beginner, it may be enticing to get the initial bonus, but once you complete the collection, you will want to try and sell the property. If you are not confident that you can sell that property for a good return, it might be worth waiting for the next city release. With a new city release, chances are you will be able to find much cheaper properties where it will be easier to complete this collection. These cheap properties will have a large resale markup. As a new player with the FSA restriction it is important to have properties that have a good chance of selling on the secondary market, and hopefully with a large markup. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a property you can’t get rid of quickly.

Base City Specific

If you don’t have the funds or you are stretching your funds to make this collection, don’t. This likely means that you have joined Upland at a time where the majority of inexpensive and in demand properties are already owned. It’s always good to have some UPX available for the upcoming city release. There isn’t an abundance of notice (approximately 1 week) before new cities are released. You will want to have enough UPX to mint a number of cheap properties during that release. Once you have earned enough UPX, you can always buy properties on the secondary market to complete other base city collections. By over extending yourself early, you are missing out on future opportunities. You may find yourself in a situation where a new city is being released and you say to yourself “I wish I hadn’t bought that last property. Now I don’t have enough UPX to mint properties in the next city.”

City Pro

As a new player who does not put money into the game, owning 5 properties in the same city can seem like a daunting task. The truth is that it can be extremely easy, or extremely difficult to complete this collection. If you join Upland and participate in the release of a city, there are plenty inexpensive properties to purchase, typically under 1500 UPX. It is possible that you can complete the newbie, king of the street, and city pro collections in the matter of minutes if you are able to mint these cheap properties. On the other hand, if you miss the release of the city, and the cheapest properties available to mint are not so cheap, your growth rate can be much slower, and the ability to own 5 properties without investing outside money can be difficult. We recommend considering holding off and waiting for the next city to be released, where you will have the option of buying cheaper properties. New cities are being released frequently and not always with a lot of notice. It is a good strategy to always have some UPX available so that you are able to participate in the next city release. Don’t feel the need to put all your efforts into the city that you start in.

As your net worth continues to grow and you start to gain more and more properties in newly released cities, you will most likely also be able to purchase more expensive properties. As you grow, you will likely also be updating the city pro collection with the latest city such that you get larger boosts to your yield. Be patient with completing this collection.

If you are just joining the game, consider reading more about collections in the new city release and vanilla mode pages.