I am an Uplander, now what?

Now that you are an Uplander, you are able to list your properties for sale. You also don’t have to worry about renewing your visa. The digital assets are now yours, as Upland has created a wallet for you on the EOS block chain to store all your assets (properties, structures, block explorers). The strategy you use to get to pro is different based on how you get to Uplander:

Look ahead at strategies that will help you reach director.

Purchase $50 worth of UPX with the Upland Guide Referral Code

By using our code, you earned an additional 50% UPX on your $50 purchase – a bonus 25,000 UPX. In addition, we will buy your first property off of you for 5 times the mint price (a minimum of 10,000 UPX) and up to a maximum sales price of 18,000 UPX (after service fees, you will receive 17,100 UPX). This provides you with for a total bonus of up to 92,100 UPX. We will help you reach the point where you have complete freedom. Being close to pro gives you several options:

If your strategy is to continue to grow your net worth, or if you still haven’t formed a strategy yet, we suggest to wait patiently for the new city release where you can mint FSA properties and others in high value areas. When minting properties, you can only mint 3 FSA properties each day, and sell 2 each week. Starting out with over 92,000 UPX gives you opportunities to not only mint 3 FSA properties immediately when the city is released, but to also mint other valuable properties. New city releases are a great opportunity to mint valuable collection properties, or even set up a treasure hunting web if you plan on having that be part of your game strategy.

Purchase $50 worth of UPX without the Upland Guide Referral Code

You are more than halfway there! If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to try and complete the base collections. The strategy laid out here is relevant. If you don’t see properties in good locations or favorable prices, don’t be afraid to wait. The strategy listed above is still relevant, – with about 55,000 UPX you can still have a great start in a new city release.

There are higher net worth players who will buy specific FSA properties from uplanders. A safe bet is to find one on discord. You will be able to agree on a sales price prior to minting the property, thus eliminating the risk of owning a property that you are unsure will sell. Keep in mind you can only mint 3 FSA properties each day and sell 2 FSA properties each week. While flipping properties, make sure you do not reach 100K net worth, which would bump you up to pro status. Participating in a new city release with the ability to buy many FSA properties is the best way to reach exponential growth, so make sure you are prepared with as much liquidity as possible while staying under 100K net worth. Once a new city is released, this is your time to shine.

In the new city release, you should be able to mint FSA collection properties where you can sell them for a much larger markup. This will catapult you over the pro thresh hold. If you are lucky, you might be able to continue playing off those earnings without having to flip more of your properties.

Purchase $20 worth of UPX or less

Having 20,000 UPX (or 30,000 if you used a referral code) is a great way to get started. This should provide you with enough UPX where you can comfortably complete the base collections. As mentioned above, finding a more experienced player to buy FSA properties from you is a good way to grow your net worth. If you aren’t confident that you can sell the properties quickly, avoid buying too many. You always want to have some spare in case Upland announces an upcoming city release.

In the new city release, you should be able to mint FSA collection properties where you can sell them for a much larger markup. This will catapult you over the pro thresh hold. If you are lucky, you might be able to continue playing off those earnings without having to flip more of your properties.

Play for free – primarily received visits from other players

So you did some hard work hustling to get other players to help you reach Uplander status. Firstly, don’t be fooled into thinking that receiving visits is a good source of income. Chances are you only own 2 or 3 properties and since you don’t have a lot of liquidity, you can expect your growth to be quite slow. You have a long way to go to get to pro. The FSA restrictions, where you are only able to mint 3 FSA properties each day, and sell 2 properties each week will ensure that you don’t grow too fast, unless you are able to sell an extremely valuable property. If a new city is released shortly after you reach uplander, chances are you might not have a lot of UPX to travel to the city and mint a number of properties. This would be a shame because this is the best opportunity for new players to grow. For this reason, we advocate investing money into the game if you can, even just $5 to get to uplander status. (Do not spend any money on this game that you are not willing to lose).

Continue to be active on discord, learn and make connections. A great place to do this is the Upland Guide Discord server. These connections will help you, as you might be able to find someone who will help you grow at a faster rate. It can be tricky to make a sale for a maximum profit while also ensuring that you make 2 sales each week. You may find yourself in a situation towards the end of a week and you haven’t made a sale, you will drastically lower the price of the property just so that you can make a sale. This might not get you much profit, but when you can only sell 2 of those a week, it might make sense to sell even for a small profit. This could become a vicious cycle hindering your growth and making it difficult to gain the net worth required to take you out of your starter city. Its also important to note that you can only mint a total of 30 FSA properties in your lifetime.

Play for free – own 5 or more properties

If you made it to Uplander status by owning 5 properties, this means you have filled the King of the Street and City Pro collections. This also means you were probably lucky enough to participate in a new city release and pick up small properties. From here, start selling your properties. People who buy on the secondary market typically purchase the floor price, or cheapest priced property. A recommendation is not to spend all your UPX if you aren’t able to sell the properties. Think longer term – if you only own FSA properties, and many of them you can’t sell because you can only sell 2 each week, its probable you might be stuck with properties you aren’t really interested in holding on to or will be sell-able in the future. For this reason, if you see a good price on a non FSA property, you should buy it, as there are no restrictions on selling them. Slow and steady wins the race. If you find that there aren’t any good properties left, sit tight and wait for the next city release.

How to reach director