Beginner Strategy

You begin in Upland as a visitor, and as your net worth increases, so does your status within the game. Read here about the different statuses and bonuses for reaching them. As a new player, the following are some of the most common types of strategy. As you begin to level up, your strategy is subject to change as you will see that you have more properties and options.

  1. Realtor – This type of long term strategy is for active players in the game who are looking to make deals. The realtor isn’t looking to hold on to his properties for long. He is looking to sell them for a profit and move on to the next deal. The realtor is always up to date with the market data for each neighborhood and is quick to jump on a deal when he sees it.
  2. Curator – This person is a collector. Buying the cheapest properties isn’t for him. This type of player looks for properties that have real world meaning – whether it be a well known address, like a famous person’s house, a store like Starbucks, a church, or a property with a unique street view. He will be willing to pay a premium for it.
  3. Passive income earner – you earn 17.28% yield on mint prices. Buying properties and just letting them sit is a very favorable interest rate. This player is a believer in the metaverse, sees Upland as a good business opportunity and likely will invest hundreds, if not thousands of dollars into this game. The long term strategy is to use the yield earnings to purchase more properties. A number of years into the future, this player will attempt to sell his properties for USD for a large markup.
  4. Builder – Beyond buying properties, a builder is someone who builds structures (buildings) on their land. In order to build homes, you must use Spark. Spark is a limited resource, and can be bought at the store during frequent sales as well as found in treasure hunts. Upland sells spark at a rate of $520/spark. More can be found about spark here.
  5. Treasure hunter – This person is looking to win UPX or spark by finding treasures hidden across a city. To become a good treasure hunter, a player should have many (at least dozens) of properties scattered across a single city. Read our top 5 things you should know about treasure hunting here before getting started.
  6. Casual player – This player is looking to have a good time, and become part of a metaverse community. He will purchase UPX from time to time in order to buy more properties during new city releases. Earning money is secondary, and he enjoys owning properties and being part of a community. He is likely active in discord and is willing to make a deal if a good opportunity arises. If there is a special property he wants for sentimental value, he feels comfortable purchasing it even for USD. Make sure you join the Upland Guide Discord server to be up to date with our community.
  7. NFL Fanatic – This player is a huge fan of the NFL, one specific team or player. They will do everything to get Upland Legits NFTs, and find anything they can collect anything that is NFL related. He will likely stay close to his home team’s city and stadium and travel elsewhere as needed based entirely on his hunt for more NFTs.
  8. Play for free – this person is very very engaged in the community. In order to grow from nothing, he is willing to put in the time and effort to amass wealth. He recognizes that growing quickly is not a likely scenario, but he is willing to work hard to make it happen.
  9. Hybrid – Adopt what you like best from each of the styles above or create your own.

If you gave some thought to the styles of play above, your next step is to decide how much money you are comfortable investing in your first purchase. There is no need to purchase UPX immediately, however there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not invest any money in the game that you cannot afford to lose. Do not expect to “get rich quick”. It can be done, but there are two sides to every coin. Expect to make mistakes as you begin to learn to play. Hopefully these mistakes won’t be big ones.
  2. When you do decide to purchase UPX, remember that there are a number of promotions the Upland Guide offers you if you use our referral code.
  3. If you are already thinking about how you are going to cash out, keep in mind that when listing a property for sale for USD you must have owned it for a minimum of 30 days. As you level up your status, the number of days decreases.
  4. The city you choose to start in is based on your initial strategy and the amount of money you are interested in starting with. Feel free to chat with us (click the blue button in the bottom right). Let us know your starting strategy and how much money you want to start with and we can advise a good starting city for you.

Once you are ready to go, head over to the user manual. It will help you step by step to sign up and begin your new life in the metaverse! Make sure to join the Upland Guide Discord server as well.

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Upland Guide