Dale Llama NFTs

This is the start of the Upland Guide NFT collection. We hope that you not only enjoy the art and Dale, but the utility behind owning them. As the collection grows, some NFTs will provide its owners with additional air drops, and access to other giveaways, prizes and opportunities. On this homepage you can learn about and see some of the different NFts in the collection. Check out the complete collection on AtomicHub where you can find NFTs for sale. Also check out this Discord channel for buying selling and trading Dale NFTs.

Opportunities to obtain free Dale the Llama NFTs will be in our discord community. If you aren’t part of it yet, click here to enter Discord and begin the process of becoming a verified member of Upland Guide community. Learn more about the process here.

Release DateDescriptionVariantStatusImage
November 2, 2021Dale Llama Founder NFT stickers.Gold, Silver, and Bronze.Bronze are still available for purchase - 3 WAXdale llama
April 7, 2022YK2012's 1st Upland MetaversaryVIP, StandardBecome a verified Upland Guide member to get your free Standard NFT while supplies last.

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