Metaventures, or in game businesses are an important part of Upland and its economy. These metaventures will allow people sell Legits, block explorers, house decor, your own NFT project, and more in the future! Another important mechanic once cars enter the metaverse will be showrooms where the manufactured cars can be sold. Metaventures will also serve this purpose.

Developers can now integrate 3rd party games, apps, experiences in Upland and contribute to the entrepreneur’s metaverse. As a developer (no need to any special knowledge about NFTs or blockchain), you can start creating experiences for Uplanders. Learn more here.

Not every Uplander will likely have the means or desire to open their own metaventure, however they will need a place to list their asset for sale. Players have the ability to become a sub-merchant and list their assets in a store, with the metaventure owner taking a commission (2-10%) on its sale. Read more here about how to become a sub-merchant and list your asset in a shop. If you do wish to open a shop, learn about the registration process here, or what it takes to manage a business at the bottom of this page.

Several different types of metaventures will exist within Upland.  The following table details the different types of metaventures. Take a look at our directory to find a specific business. If you contemplating opening up one of these Metaventures, head over to our planning page where we have a guide/checklist that can help you conceptualize your Metaverse business plan.

Metaventure Category NameDescriptionStatus
Block Explorer ShopsReseller of Upland Block ExplorersAvailable to all
NFLPA Fan ShopsReseller of NFL player LegitsAvailable to all
Football (Soccer) Fan ShopsReseller of NFL player LegitsAvailable to all
FactoriesManufacture NFTs like outdoor decor items to place on properties.beta testing
Outdoor decor showroomStore to sell manufactured goodsbeta testing but taking applications from all

Car ShowroomsStore to sell vehiclesbeta testing as of December 2022
Dev ShopsLayer 2 experience created by developersAvailable to Upland Developer Network (UDN) Members. Applications are open
Body ShopsStore to sell custom paint job for your car - similar to how house ornaments functionAnnounced as future type of metaventure
Racing AcademiesAbility to rent out block explorers for players to use during car racingAnnounced as future type of metaventure
BlueprintsSelling designs of custom structuresAnnounced as future type of metaventure
NFT GalleriesShow off and sell NFT artworkAnnounced as future type of metaventure
CafeLocation where people can meet and talk. Unclear what could be sold in such a space, or if it is only a place to communicate and interact between peopleAnnounced as future use case for structures. Unclear if this will be considered a metaventure

The monthly fees, or venture dues required to maintain a metaventure is based on its type, city it is in and the number of businesses of that type operating simultaneously. As there are more similar metaventures in the same city, the cost to operate a metaventure will increase in order to discourage over saturation of the market. Click here to understand in more detail the calculation of venture dues.

Upland has stated “Metaventures will mostly be self-regulated, and will require little interference from the Upland team”. This makes the Upland Guide Metaverse Directory the ideal place to advertise your metaventure, or to find existing ones operating in your city.

For potential Metaventure owners or any business or community operating outside of the game mechanics, the Upland Guide can help promote your business to all the citizens of the Upland Metaverse. Listing your business on our directory will always be free! For other business owners who wish to stand out from the crowd there will be additional paid options in the future. Dale the Llama has a growing community and following on the Upland Guide Discord server, Twitter, two Instagram pages – Upland Guide and Legits, TikTok, and Facebook accounts. These platforms are additional ways that businesses can reach out to the Upland community. Paid advertising plans will be coming out in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to email us or message us on Discord to discuss a custom solution to your needs.

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