New city releases in Upland are one of the more exciting aspects of the game. Participating in a new city release is the best way to grow your net worth. Upland releases cities on a regular basis – primarily as the user base continues to grow and when a new partnership is announced. Here is a list of cities in Upland and their property availability. It seems that Upland wants to control the ability for there to be properties available at reasonable prices for new players who are starting out. FSA properties fit this need as they can only be minted by Uplanders (net worth less than 100,000 UPX). Some cities are often expanded upon, to meet future demand by new players. A city expansion follows a lot of the same process detailed below with some modifications. Learn more about city expansions here.

If you have not participated in a new city release, the process leading up to it can be confusing and overwhelming. This page will explain in greater details the process, what to expect and clarify many of the frequently asked questions regarding new city releases. Watch the video or continue below the video for people who like reading better. Make sure to test your knowledge in our new city release quiz as a self assessment of your readiness for a new city release.

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