Just like the real world, the Upland Metaverse has different cities and their own way of travelling between and within them. Upland is creating a Metaverse mapped over the real world, so it makes sense to have certain rules as to how one can travel. In Upland, taking a plane is faster than a train, but it will cost more. This is something that makes logical sense. In addition to that, not every city is accessible from each other. This can add an element of confusion as trying to find your way around has confused many players in the past. The Upland Guide is here to teach you and guide you through everything you need to know about transportation and travelling within the Metaverse. Learn how to travel between cities and learn about sends and travelling within a city. Join our Discord server to gain free access to our travel bot. This tool helps you to calculate both the cheapest and fastest route between any two cities in Upland. Our transportation YouTube playlist has all the videos you need to get started with travelling.

The different modes of transportation are as follows:

  • Plane (public) – The fastest but most expensive option to travel. All major cities, and some intermediate ones have airports.
  • Plane (private) – Players have the ability to own their own private aircraft that will help to connect cities that do not have public airports together. Learn more about private aircraft here.
  • Train – A slower option compared to planes, but more affordable. Major and intermediate cities have train terminals. Some of the smaller cities also have trains connecting them.
  • Bus – A cheap transportation option that connects cities that are in close proximity to one another.
  • Hyperloop – A very fast and expensive travel option. This is owned by Hyperloop TT and is constructed on the actual route that will hyperloop will take. It currently connects Chicago to Cleveland. You can watch our video that describes what exactly the hyperloop is here.
  • Cars – Cars provide players a private option to travel to transport both people and cargo between cities. The transportation of cargo will also be done via the different car models. In addition, although it isn’t exactly considered transportation but car racing will clearly also require the player to possess a car. Learn more about cars here or follow us on our YouTube playlist.

Within Upland there are some specific properties aside from transportation terminals that are important to note and are frequently visited by Uplanders:

  • Upland City Hall – At San Francisco city hall, located at 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlet Pl., you are able to apply for your custom block explorer and custom 3D ornament.
  • NFL Stadiums – In order to mint NFLPA Legits, you must travel to the stadium or NFLPA shop. Here is a list of all the stadium addresses.