Achieving uplander status is critical to gaining full participation in the metaverse. Until then, you are unable to sell a property or buy Legits, and this will greatly hinder your growth within the metaverse. There are 4 primary strategies to reach uplander status and can be read about here. Regardless of how you get to Uplander status, using a referral code is important. Continue reading to find out what bonuses are available when using our code.

Feel free to jump into our Discord server or email us; ask some questions before getting started. Let us know your starter strategy and the path to Uplander status (below) and we can recommend a suitable starter city for you. Alternatively, you can message us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

If you are looking to accelerate your growth or bring your real world business into Upland, learn about the one-on-one consulting services we provide.

Disclaimer – there are great opportunities within upland to make money and turn your UPX to USD. This what attracts many people. We highly recommend that any money you invest in this game (or any other venture on the blockchain) is money that you are willing lose. The Upland Guide takes no responsibility for any losses one might encounter within Upland. Secondly, once you sign up with our referral code, don’t forget to email us your username or direct message YK2012 within the in game chat. We want to confirm that you signed up properly with our referral code before you invest money in the game so you don’t miss out on the bonuses!

The 5 Paths to Uplander Status are:

Important: Click this referral code in order to sign up for Upland. You will see this screen. From here create your username, email and password. Use the blue button in the bottom right corner and tell us your in game username and email. We will verify your eligibility to verify you signed up correctly. You will receive your bonus only AFTER leveling up to uplander. Note that when signing up, if for whatever reason the page refreshes, the referral code will be lost. This can happen if your email is ineligible, or the user name you have chosen was not accepted. Return back to this page and once again click the “referral code” link above.

Once you become an Uplander, we highly recommend verifying your identity through the KYC process (know your customer). There are number of aspects to the metaverse that are only available to players who verify their identity. Learn more about those here.

Get started by creating your own 3D avatar, and reading more about getting started in the metaverse.

Additional Bonuses

If the bonuses outlined above aren’t enticing enough, we are working on other ways to provide you with additional exclusive rewards in the future. Start by joining the Upland Guide Discord Server. We have a private section for people who have used our referral code. Additionally, our first members were rewarded a Dale Llama Founder Sticker Gold NFT! After you have signed up with our referral code, fill out this quick form, and direct message YK2012 within the in game chat. Once we have more to announce, you will be the first to know in Discord!

Below is the screen you should see after clicking the referral code.

upland referral bonus login page