What is spark?

Spark is the equivalent to man hours. If you want to build a home on your property, you require spark hours. For example, to build a town house, you require 2600 spark hours. If you own 2 spark, it will take you 2600/2 = 1300 hours (over 54 days) to build your town house. Your spark does not get “used up”, and after you complete building, or at any time, you can remove your spark from the construction. Spark is non-transferable, and cannot be sold.

In the future, there will be an in game spark exchange, where players can rent out their spark. Until then, people are using several discord channels in order to coordinate the rental of their spark. Some of these channels can be found in the directory. In addition to buildings, spark will be used to build any inanimate object and outdoor decor items in player owned factories. Beyond homes and decor, spark is required to build cars – and in the future, players will be able to manufacture their own cars! Spark will also be used to power your car – like fuel. You can read more about cars here. If you think you know what spark is all about, take the Upland Guide spark quiz and test your knowledge.

*Note that in order to collect spark through treasure hunting and other methods, you are required to verify your identity with the KYC process (know your customer). Learn more about that here.

To see the type of structures that can be built, and how long they will take, click here.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding spark and its use.

How do I get spark?

  1. Spark can be found during treasure hunts. Depending on which city and what difficulty level of hunt you are doing you can win anywhere from 0.01 to 0.06 spark. Watch this video about treasure hunting to learn about the top 5 tips to get you started treasure before you begin treasure hunting.
  2. Spark is sold through the Upland store. When it is on sale, you must register for the sale, and only a limited amount is sold. Players are placed in a lineup, and is not a first come first serve sale. The first spark sale was in June 2021. Spark is sold at a base rate of $460/spark, assuming you are purchasing 1 spark, which is the maximum that is sold in the store. Watch this video to understand everything about purchasing spark from the store.
  3. Leveling up to Director (1,000,000 UPX) rewards you with 0.5 spark. Getting to Executive (10,000,000 UPX) rewards you with 1 spark, and chief executive (100,000,000 UPX) gets you 2 spark.
  4. Upland has regular promotions for players rewarding them spark for leveling up to Upland statuses, including Uplander and Pro during specific times. Learn more about spark week here.
  5. In the future, Upland has indicated that there will be always to mine spark. Details on this are not yet clear.
  6. Spark was given to all players in Upland as part of the global launch of spark, which took place on May 31, 2021. The amount of spark awarded to each player was a function of in game status, amount of fiat money invested in the game, and activity within the game.
  7. Spark is awarded as part of regular contests run by Upland.
  8. You can earn spark by logging in daily for one week straight.  Learn more about this in our YouTube video.

The sale of spark in June 2021 was the first indication of Upland placing a price point on spark. It is important to note that once you own spark, it is your to keep. You cannot sell or transfer it to other players.

In order to receive spark in many of the avenues detailed above you must verify your identity.  Learn more about the KYC process here.

What structure should I build first?

This can be a personal preference, but chances are you don't have a lot of spark when you are constructing your first structure.

A micro house is a good choice as it requires the smallest amount of spark hours.  Note that you are unable to open a metaventure in  a micro house.  Watch this video as we compare why we recommend building a micro house instead of a small townhouse.

As you start to obtain more spark, you have additional options.  Watch this video where I analyze apartment buildings, and why the average player might want to avoid building an apartment building that requires a lot of spark.

I don't have enough spark to build my own house, what do I do with it?

Given that the cheapest structure you can build requires 500 spark hours, and I only have a small fraction of a spark, what are your options? IMPORTANT - you should always have your spark contributing to a build, otherwise you are wasting the resource. The minimum amount of spark required to start a building is 0.05 spark. With this amount, it will take you over 400 days to build your house!

  1. Start building your own home! Yes, this could take over a year, but its always a good idea to invest in yourself. Try and get some of your friends to help contribute to your build, or you may rent spark from other players to help you complete your building faster.
  2. Rent out your spark. Players looking to build their homes faster will pay you for helping them build. Payment is typically done in several ways (agreed upon between the renter and loaner):
    1. Property visits where the renter pays you through visiting fees
    2. Buying a "burner" property. You sell a property to the renter for the cost of the property + rental fees + upland seller and buyer fees
    3. USD - paypal, venmo, etc
  3. Help me - YK2012. If you find this content helpful and want to help me out, I am currently building at Rua da Lameira de Cima 155A in Porto, Portugal. Any help is greatly appreciated! (you are able to remove your spark at any time - you always are in control of your own spark).

How do I build my own house?

Check out our property building guidelines that will help you determine how to properly position your home and choose the right building colors.

Why do I need a house?

Structures are needed to open a Metaventures, or in game businesses. You also need a place to call home and vote.  Learn more about defining your Upland home. A home is also a place where you will be able to display your Legits and other NFTs.

Building homes also contribute to the neighborhood score. New neighborhood collections will be spawned if a neighborhood is one of the first to reach a not yet published development thresh hold. This is not limited to only the number of structures built in the neighborhood, but also the type of structure.  Learn more about neighborhood ratings in this video.

Watch this video detailing the top 5 reasons you need a home in the metaverse.

I have built my house, what can I do with it?

Upland is still developing new features, and this is what we know so far about homes:

  1. New collections will be spawned based on the amount and types of buildings in a neighborhood. Watch the video here.
  2. You can define your in game home. This will also factor in the calculation of which neighborhoods will spawn new collections.  You will be able to vote at a neighborhood, city, and Upland level.  To vote, you are required to have a home.  Learn more here. 
  3. In the future, you will be able to rent out space in your homes (based on the number of living spaces your structure has)
  4. You will be able to open a business within your home (or rent out store space).
  5. Sell your property on the secondary market (note that the home is tied to the land, and they must be sold together). A property with a home has a higher sale value.

Why is my building taking so long to complete?

Chances are you don't have a lot of spark. If you have 1 spark, the smallest structure you can build requires 500 spark hours. This means the time it will take is 500 spark hours / 1 spark = 500 hours (appx. 21 days). This means that if you only have 0.15 spark the time it will take is 500 spark hours / 0.15 spark = 3333 hours (138  days or 4.6 months). Read here to find out how to get more spark.

Where is my daily spark login bonus?

If you are not receiving the daily popup to get your daily spark login bonus, where after 7 days of consecutive login, you receive spark:

  1. You have not verified your identity.  Learn how to do so here.
  2. Go into settings, and there is an option to turn it on.

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