What is spark? Spark is the token required to construct inanimate objects in the metaverse. Spark is the equivalent to a construction or factory worker. Spark hours refers to the number of hours it requires to build something in the metaverse. For example, to build a town house, you require 2600 spark hours. If you own 2 spark, it will take you 2600/2 = 1300 hours (over 54 days) to build your town house. Your spark does not get “used up”, and after you complete building, or at any time, you can remove your spark from the construction. Spark is non-transferable, and cannot be sold.

The best time to obtain spark is during spark weekend held every weekend during each season. You can level up or purchase it. Learn more about spark weekend, and all the ways to earn spark.

In the future, players will be able to sell their spark through sparklet – an ERC-20 fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, there will be an in game spark exchange, where players can rent out their spark. Until then, people are using several discord channels and third party services as dev shops, in order to coordinate the rental of their spark. In addition to buildings, spark will be used to build any inanimate object and map assets (formerly outdoor decor items) in player owned factories. Beyond homes and map assets, spark is required to build cars – and in the future, players will be able to manufacture their own cars! Spark will also be used to power your car – like fuel. You can read more about cars here. If you think you know what spark is all about, take the Upland Guide spark quiz and test your knowledge.

*Note that in order to collect spark through treasure hunting and other methods, you are required to verify your identity with the KYC process (know your customer). Learn more about that here.

To see the type of structures that can be built, and how long they will take, click here.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding spark and its use.

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