Upland Strategy

There are numerous ways to play the game. There is no right or wrong way. You don’t have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in order to have fun in the metaverse, and maybe even earn some money. Of course it can be difficult to determine what your strategy is even before becoming familiar with Upland. In addition to that your strategy of course will change and evolve along the way, especially as you begin to level up. Nonetheless, it is worth giving some thought to this, as it can affect the beginning stages of your time in the metaverse. Click here to see some common starting strategies:

If you have a strategy already, here are some strategies regarding specific topics and stages of the game:

  1. When to collect your first collections?
  2. How do I become an uplander?
  3. I just leveled up to Uplander, now what and how do I become a pro?
  4. How to reach Director Status?
  5. How to prepare for a new city release in Upland?
  6. Do I need a property in every city? When should I start buying into sold out cities?

This page is a work in progress, and more strategies will be posted here shortly. Send up a message (blue button in the bottom right) and let us know what else we are missing. Also join our Discord server where you can ask about some common strategies.

Upland Guide

Upland Guide