Treasure hunting is a fun way to try and win UPX or sparklet*. Hunting requires you to send your block explorer to different properties around a city based on hints to get in close proximity of the treasure in order to claim it. If you have never treasure hunted before, you should understand these basic things about treasure hunting before continuing reading this page. It is important to note that as you begin hunting for treasures you should expect to lose more UPX than you will win. Treasure hunting is a skill and just like most skills, they require practice. In the long run if you are able to master the skill, it can be very profitable. Here is a video I created explaining why I decided to stop treasure hunting.

*Note that in order to participate in exclusive and rare hunts and collect spark through treasure hunting you are required to verify your identity with the KYC process (know your customer). Learn more about that here.

Cities are categorized into tiers, and the city tier does not always coincide with the city treasure hunting tier. Based on the tier the UPX bonuses and spark bonuses vary. See here the list of cities and their treasure hunting tier. As some cities have additional releases, you can expect their treasure hunting tiers to increase. Learn more about how that happens here.

The most important thing to learn about treasure hunts are the hints. As you can see based on the hints, even being within 50 meters of a treasure is not enough to claim it!

upland treasure hunting hints

There are 4 different types of main treasure hunts, increasing in difficulty, and therefore the rewards are also higher. Through the dynamic treasuring hunting schedule competitive treasure hunts are not available in all cities simultaneously. On a weekly basis the cities that have competitive hunts available changes. Stay tuned to Upland’s announcements to know where you can hunt.

Below you can see the cost of spawning standard treasures. The numbers in the brackets represent the treasure spawned that day. For example, if you are spawning your 23rd treasure in a T2 city, it will cost you 150 UPX. Every day at 12AM PT the timer resets, and your spawn fee does as well.

This treasure hunting for beginners video is another excellent resource to watch. Reading this page will is a great way to get started, but watching someone treasure hunt in action is important for your future success in treasure hunting!

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