Car Racing

Car racing is an exciting 3D interactive experience in Upland. Upland Racing has entered the beta testing stage, but the future of racing is bright. Uplanders are able to race cars and karts to compete with other Uplanders to win more than bragging rights – but UPX! One of the most exciting opportunities that racing provides is that players will be able to create speedway metaventures where you can design your own racetracks and in the future create their own public or private racing leagues where they can compete with their friends.

Race for stakes and compete in Upland’s seasonal racing series to win UPX, spark, and other great prizes. If you are looking for a racetrack to race, consider one of the Upland Guide’s tracks.

Racing will obviously require a car (or kart), and also a block explorer. Block explorers will function as the drivers of the cars. Each car and block explorer will have unique traits, thus creating near infinite different combinations of drivers, cars, and race tracks to make competitions more interesting. Learn more about car racing in the video below or in our YouTube playlist. You can learn how to join a race here. New players are able to test out the racing feature through completing the start a race mission. Learn more about this mission and others here. As more information about cars is shared, you can expect the content on the Upland Guide to be updated.

Upland has a partnership with Stock Car Pro Series in Sao Paulo Brazil, where you can collect Legits, and participate in exclusive Stock Car Pro Series races at the Interlagos racetrack. Learn more about the partnership here.

Don’t forget to download the Upland Racing app to your phone in order to race on mobile. Learn how to connect the app to your account here.

Learn more about the different car types here and the different car models that exist.

If you are looking to have car racing become a big part of your Upland experience, you may want to consider designing your own race track. Click here to learn what you should consider when designing a race track, and learn how you can earn UPX through racing.

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