The three pillars of the Upland Metaverse are play, earn and connect. As social animals, humans want to connect to each other, build and belong to communities. The Metaverse is no different. If you always wanted to live in Hollywood or Manhattan, Upland provides you with the opportunity to do so. You can find like minded players, connect and begin to develop your neighborhood. In the future strong and developed communities will spawn new neighborhood collection.

You will have the ability to define your Upland permanent residence and have voting rights on important things that relate to your neighborhood and city. Unlike other Metaverses, Upland has created barriers to travelling. Moving between cities takes time and costs you UPX. This will add further importance to the need to choose your permanent residence wisely. Just like in the real world, there will be players who won’t frequently travel far from home and this will further strengthen the community aspect within Upland. The Upland Guide has both a user directory and community directory. As brands begin to enter the Metaverse, some will even have brand ambassadors to help to build their community. NFL players have their own NFTs within Upland, and there are even a number of players in the Metaverse. You can see who they are and where they live in Upland here!

The Upland Guide also has a community blog that you can read here.