Upland is play and earn game. This new category of gaming is made possible due to the blockchain which means that players have ownership over their digital assets. As a player who own something you can decide what to do with it – hold and collect it, or even sell it. The ability to sell your assets to other players open up countless opportunities for players. Learn all the different ways that players can earn while playing Upland, and the different types of assets one can own.

The Upland economy has three primary tokens – UPX, Spark, and STEM coming in the future. All are tokens that only exist in the Upland Metaverse. UPX is the currency used to purchase assets. You can purchase UPX using USD or cryptocurrencies at a rate of 1 USD = 1,000 UPX. Spark is a token used for manufacturing and constructing. The spark you own is yours forever. It can never be consumed. It is staked, or temporarily attached to a construction project such as building a home, and you are always in control of managing where and how it is used. More can be read about spark here. Spark can be earned in several ways, and there is even regular spark weeks where you can purchase spark from the Upland store and have additional opportunities to earn this important metaverse resource. Lastly, STEM is the token that supports life in the metaverse and all living things. Learn more about it here. As a precursor to STEM, Protem was developed to test the mechanics. Protem can be earned from totems – learn more about totems here.

Despite UPX, Spark and STEM being in game tokens only, Upland has announced an upcoming ERC-20 fungible token called Sparklet as a means for players to sell their spark. For this to become a reality, Upland needs to have interoperability with the Ethereum blockchain. Upland has announced that the non-custodial crypto wallet MetaMask is now integrated with Upland. Learn more for what that means for you here.

Learn more about how the UPX economy works here. The page details how the two financial pools – the Upland pool and the community pool work, as well as how the Upland pool is funded.

Players are able to open business, or metaventures within Upland. Some examples of these businesses are Block Explorer shops, or map assets(formerly outdoor decor) shops. In addition to these types of in game businesses, there is a variety of businesses that have been created to provide Uplanders with all types of services – such as spark rentals, or updates regarding property listings. Some of these businesses can be found in the Upland Guide Premium Business Directory.

Check out the Upland Guide YouTube playlist below dedicated to the Upland economy. Furthermore, on this page you can find all the YouTube playlists.