Upland Assets

Upland Assets are possessions that you own within the game. To view your assets, click on the assets button in the bottom menu. Any player can see your assets by clicking on your block explorer, or by clicking your username on one of the properties you own. You can buy, sell, and trade assets within Upland. (Not all types of assets can currently be bought, sold, or traded yet. More detailed below).

Below is a list of the different types of assets that exist in Upland:

Block Explorers

Block Explorers are different avatars that you can use. Block explorers can be won in contests, or purchased through the Upland store during special sales. Once you reach Director status, you can travel to City Hall in San Francisco to apply for a custom 1 of 1 block explorer.   Block explorers can also be bought and sold on the secondary market via metaventures.

Learn more about block explorers here.


Properties are the foundation of Upland. Just like in the real world, owning land can be extremely important. Within Upland, it can be important to own land for several reasons:

  • owning land provides you with yield on those properties. Currently (March 2022) land owners earn 14.7% annually on the mint price of their properties. This is paid out on a 3 hour basis. Adding properties to collections can provide you with a boost to those earnings.
  • Hold on to it in the hopes that it will increase in value. Applying simple economic principles such as supply and demand, it can be expected that cities that have sold out can expect to see an increase in property pricing as demand for those cities increase.
  • In the future, you can expect to be able to define your primary in game residence and you will even need a place to park your car. In order to do that you would need to build a structure on your plot of land.
  • To open a metaventure, or in game business.
  • to grow your treasure hunting network in a specific city. Finding treasures (in the form of UPX or spark) is another great way to earn and grow your net worth.

In Upland, properties can be bought (for UPX or USD), sold (for UPX or USD) and traded for other properties.


Structures are homes that can be built upon properties that you own. Spark is a limited resource that is required to build these homes and other inanimate objects. Building a structure on a property will forever link the two together. This means that you can't sell a structure without also selling the land that it is on.

Having a home will be important as you will need to define a primary residence in the future. If you want to open a metaventure (in game business), a structure is a prerequisite.

In Upland, structures can be constructed, as well as bought, sold and traded along with the properties they are on.

Click here to see more detailed information about the types of structures.

Structure Ornaments

Ornaments are 3D overlay designs that are added to a structure. The first ornaments introduced to Upland were part of the Spirit Halloween Legits collection. Players were able to decorate their homes with spooky ornaments. Each structure type has its own ornament. It is not possible to put an ornament of one structure type on a different structure.

Spirit Halloween Metaverse Home Decorations in Upland

In Upland, structure ornaments can be bought from Upland and traded.


  1. Uploads display assets that are imported from outside the Upland Game. In the future you will be able to import NFTs you own on the WAX blockchain (and other blockchains as well) into Upland where you will be able to display them in your home, or even trade or sell them. At the moment only Upland Cards can be uploaded through the Upland NFT Portal.

    In Upland, at the moment you cannot buy, sell, or trade any of these uploaded assets.

NFLPA Legits

NFLPA Legits are NFTs of NFL players. Each season, different types of NFTs are created of the players. You are able to create team collection to boost your fan points and increase your opportunity of obtaining special 1 of 1 mementos and getting these NFTs autographed. Click here to find out how to get started with NFLPA Legits. If you don't know anything about football, Dale the Llama has a beginners guide to football.

In Upland, NFLPA Legits can be bought from the Upland store, and traded. In the future you will be able to buy and sell them through fan stores that will operate as metaventure businesses.

Spirit Halloween Legits

In Upland, Spirit Legits were on sale during the 2021 Halloween season. They were sold in bundles that included block explorers, Legits, and structure ornaments of different rarities.

These Legits can be traded between players. At the moment you cannot buy or sell them.

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