How to Travel in Upland?

To travel in Upland, you can watch our YouTube video at the bottom of this page where we go into detail covering common mistakes, tips and tricks. If you are stuck in the Greater New York area, this page will teach you how to navigate between the cities.

To fully understand how to do travel, learn about each of the steps below:

Why do this? What are the objectives?
What resources are required?

Make sure you have enough sends and UPX to get where you are going.

Who is involved?

You are the only person involved.

What inputs are received?

Know what city you are in and where you want to go. No need to know any intermediary cities, even if a layover is required.

What outputs are produced?

After completing your journey, you will end up in your destination!

How is it done?
  • Use the Upland Guide Discord Travel Bot to help you find both the fastest and cheapest routes between the two cities. Watch this video on how it works.
    Note that the times and prices the bot provides you with do NOT take into account sends or visit costs to terminals, nor does it take into account the time it takes from disembarkment to the time it takes you to purchase a ticket on your next leg of the journey.
  • Click the relevant transportation terminal in the city you are currently in. If you are taking a flight, note that there are domestic (white) and international (yellow) terminals - you will want to send yourself to the relevant one. See the table below for more details.
  • Send yourself to the transportation terminal. Pro tip - if the send costs are too high, you might be able to find an adjacent property to the terminal with cheaper visit fees that will still put you in range of the terminal itself.
  • Purchase a travel ticket
  • Begin Travel
  • Disembark and go to step 2 if you are continuing your travels.
    See some FAQs below
  1. Approve 3D model
    1. The items you wish to produce will have to be approved (likely by Upland. This process is not yet clear).
    2. Define the maximum supply of the item. This is where understanding your customers plays an important role because this number can't be modified in the future. This is something that the designer or customer will likely want to define.  Is the item going to be limited edition, or something general that everyone should be able to purchase? This will also likely have an influence on the final sale price of the item.
    3. Define the amount of spark hours required to manufacture the item.
  2. Draw inventory lot
    1. This will be a rectangular area on the property that does not overlap the factory.  This area will be space that will hold the manufactured inventory. Managing the stock in the lot will be important to ensure that your production line does not stop due to lack of space in the inventory lot.
  3. Allocate spark to the manufacturing plant.
    1. Spark can be thought of as a worker. Allocating more spark to the factory will produce items faster.
  4. Managing production queues
    1. This requires coordination with the showroom managers, shipping providers, spark stakers and customers placing orders. This task requires the manager to determine which items to produce, how to prioritize them, and how quickly to complete the jobs. The easy part of manufacturing is to add more spark to speed up manufacturing, but without proper coordination and planning, this could have a detrimental effect on the entire supply chain.
  5. Distribute to showrooms
    1. The last step of the process is to transport the inventory to showroom metaventures. The showroom is where you will be able to display your items for sale. Customers can view your inventory and travel to the store to purchase these items. Its possible that as a manufacturer, you can distribute to different showrooms in order to get larger customer exposure or get closer to your customers.  This added complexity will also be a factor when managing production batches and queues.

Below are some common travel FAQs

I can't find any sends / I ran out of sends

If you ran out of sends or have less than 3, after 24 hours, Upland will replenish those 3 sends. You are able to hold a maximum of 11 sends at any given time, and you can collect 40 sends in one day. It is ill advised to use your last send without sending yourself to another airplane to collect more sends. This is especially critical during new city releases. Read more about sends here.

I am clicking on a send but I am unable to collect it
  • If you are using a firefox browser, there is a known bug regarding your ability to collect sends. Try using a different browser or the mobile app.
  • You already have the maximum number of sends you can collect
  • Your block explorer is not in range of the airplane. Send yourself to a minted property close to the send in order to collect it.
There are no available spots at a terminal to travel

This can happen prior to new city releases where there is an increased travel demand.  These travel spots in terminals reset ever day.  If you miss an opportunity to travel, you could wait for the next day, or there might be an additional way to access the terminal.  Try sending yourself to a property close by - it might be in range of the terminal.  Watch this video to see how its done.

How do I get to or from the New York airport?

In order to get to the NYC airport, you must be in Manhattan. From there, zoom out and click on the airport which is to the east of Brooklyn to send yourself there. If The New York airport was your destination once you disembark, you must send yourself to a property in Manhattan. Watch the YouTube video below.

Secondly, JFK can be reached from Queens.  Travel to the train station and choose the bus to JFK.

I am at the airport, but I can't find the city to travel to
  1. Maybe there are no direct flights from your city to your destination.  Use the Upland Guide travel bot that will tell you the fastest and cheapest routes between any two cities in Upland.
  2. You arrived at the incorrect terminal - there are both domestic and international terminals at some airports - make sure you travel to the relevant terminal.  Yellow terminals are international, and white ones are domestic.

Detailed video

Domestic/International flights

Yellow airplanes indicate international terminals, whereas the white ones are the domestic terminals. Make sure you send yourself to the relevant terminal!

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