Visiting Fees and Sends

Visiting properties in Upland is an integral part of the game. You must visit properties for the following reasons:

The first important thing to know about sends is that Visitors should minimize the amount of sends that they use. When your initial goal is reaching 10,000 UPX in net value to reach Uplander status, even spending a small amount of UPX can be a relatively large fee. If you receive a visit from an Visitor, you do not immediately receive the visitor fee. It is deducted from the Visitors total, but is only transferred to the property owner once the Visitor reached Uplander status. This is one of the reasons Visitors and Uplanders without lots of UPX value should avoid treasure hunting.

Before visiting others, you must understand how your block explorer moves around the city. He always moves in a random direction and leaves a trail behind him. If you want to move in a specific direction you will have to send yourself to a property and hope that your block explorer starts moving in that direction.

Depending on the tier of the city, visiting fees vary. The cities with the cheapest fees like Bakersfield sends cost from 5-25 UPX, whereas in a city like Manhattan, sends are 40-100 UPX.

Beware that there is a limit of 11 sends that you have at any given time. You can collect more after some are used, where each city has its maximum daily send limit (appx 40-80). Sending yourself to your own property is free and does not use up a send.

Upland provides you with 3 sends that recharge every 24 hours. This topic is confusing and it can appear seem like there is a bug because you may not always be able to get to 11 sends. For example, if you have 5 sends, waiting 48 hours will not get you to the maximum of 11 sends. Below are the different scenarios you can find yourself in and how you can get to your maximum of 11 sends:

  1. You started the day with 11 sends and you use 5 of them. Since you did not use your rechargeable sends you will not receive 3 new sends after 24 hours. Find paper airplanes to collect more until you reach 11.
  2. You start the day with 11 sends and you use 11 of them. After 24 hours you will receive 3 sends. Find paper airplanes to collect more until you reach 11.
  3. You start the day with 11 sends and you use 10 of them. You use your last send to collect more with the goal of reaching 11, but you can’t collect more than 8. After 24 hours you will receive your 3 rechargeable sends bringing you to 11.
  4. You start the day with 11 sends and you use 9 of them. After 24 hours you will receive 1 send, bringing your total to 3. Find paper airplanes to collect more until you reach 11.
  5. You start the day with any number of sends greater than or equal to 3. After 24 hours you will not receive any sends, as you did not use any of the rechargeable ones.

    In summary, only if you use some or all of the last 3 sends that you have will those be replenished after 24 hours.

Sending to mint a property

In order to mint a property, you must be in range of it. In the image below you can see that different properties have different colors. Watch our YouTube video about how to mint a property.

  • Grey – a property that has not been minted
  • Light Green – a property that is available to be minted. If it says FSA, only Uplanders and Visitors are able to mint it. Read more about FSA properties and their restrictions here.
  • Light Blue – a property that is owned by another player and is not listed for sale on the secondary market.
  • Dark Green – a property owned by another player and is listed for sale on the secondary market.
  • Dark Blue – property owned by you.
upland property colors and types

To mint a grey property you must be in range, so you want to send your block explorer as close as possible to the property you want to mint. If there are many options, you can look around to determine the cheapest fee. The visitor fee can be seen in the property card. In the picture above, you can see that I had sent my block explorer to the blue property that I own. He starts to move in the north-east direction, as you can see based on the black trail. As the block explorer moves forward, more properties that have not been minted will turn light green as you come closer to them. The trail behind you remains and properties in close proximity to the trail are also mintable. In order to mint the light green property, click on the property then “buy”.

Travel to other cities

In order to travel to a different city, you will need to send yourself to the airport/train/bus/hyperloop station. In addition to the fixed transit fee that is paid to Upland, sending yourself to the terminal will also cost you a send and the visitor fee. Pro tip – in some cities, you can send yourself to a neighboring property to be in range of the terminal. You might be able to find a visitor fee that is less than that of the terminal. To determine travel costs beforehand, utilize the Upland Guide Travel Bot in our Discord server. It will tell you both the fastest and cheapest routes between any two cities in Upland. Watch the video below to learn how to send yourself to a different city.

Collect more sends

You never want to be in a situation where you run out of sends. If you are down to your last send, make sure it is to a paper airplane as seen to the right of the block explorer in the picture above. If you are in range of the airplane, you can click it to receive more sends. You can find anywhere from 1-6 sends in a paper airplane. Note that the maximum you can have at one time is 11. If you are having trouble finding sends, you can use the website to help you out.

If you are using a firefox browser, there is a known bug regarding your ability to collect sends. Try using a different browser or the mobile app.

Travel to a metaventure or stadium or NFLPA store

In order to purchase Legits or other assets from stores, you will have to travel to the actual address in order to purchase. Learn about metaventures and how to mint NFL player legits.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting requires you to send yourself to different properties within the city to look for a treasure, where the reward is UPX, or when there are special promotions, potentially spark can be found as well. Treasure hunting has a time limit and you are required to follow directional clues to find the treasure. There is a learning curve to treasure hunting, and the best way to maximize your earnings is to own many properties spread out throughout the city. Due to the fact that sending yourself to your own property does not cost a fee or a send, you can maximize your earnings and not be worried about using up all your sends looking for it. With a time limit, you have less time to look at other properties to try and determine the one with the cheapest visitor fee. If you are new to treasure hunting, make sure you read these tips before getting started.

Helping Others

There are many players who help visitors reach uplander status by paying it forward. Sending yourself to a specific person’s property is a way of transferring them UPX, albeit in small quantities. There are players who will send themselves to the same property multiple times to get them closer to uplander status. If you are on the receiving end of this type of help, make sure you maximize your visitor fee. Players also use this as a method of payment for spark rentals.