Visiting properties in Upland is an integral part of the game. You must visit properties for the following reasons:

Upland ensures that players never have less than 3 sends for more than 24 hours. The topic of sends is confusing and it can appear like there is a bug because you may not always be able to reach the maximum number of sends that you can collect for free, which is eleven. For example, if you have 5 sends, waiting 48 hours will not grant you 6 additional sends to get you to the maximum of 11 sends. Below are the different scenarios you can find yourself in and how you can get to your maximum of 11 sends:

  1. You start the day with any number of sends greater than or equal to 3. After 24 hours you will not receive any sends, as you did not use any of the rechargeable ones. For example, you started the day with 11 sends and you use 5 of them. Since you did not use any of your last 3 rechargeable sends you will not receive 3 new sends after 24 hours. You will have to find paper airplanes to collect more until you reach 11.
  2. You start the day with 11 sends and you use 11 of them. After 24 hours you will receive 3 sends. Once you receive your 3 free sends you will need to find paper airplanes to collect more until you reach 11.
  3. You start the day with 11 sends and you use 10 of them. You then use your last send to collect a paper airplane holding more sends with the goal of reaching 11. You can’t collect more than 8 sends. After 24 hours you will receive your 3 rechargeable sends bringing your total to 11.
  4. You start the day with 11 sends and you use 9 of them. After 24 hours you will receive 1 send, bringing your total to 3. Find paper airplanes to collect more until you reach 11.

    In summary, only if you use some or all of the last 3 sends that you have will those be replenished after 24 hours.

The next important thing new players should know about sends is that Visitors should minimize the amount of sends that they use. When your initial goal is reaching 10,000 UPX in net value to reach Uplander status, even spending a small amount of UPX can be a relatively large fee. Players who receive a visit from an Visitor, you do not immediately receive the visitor fee. It is deducted from the Visitors total, but is only transferred to the property owner once the Visitor reached Uplander status. This is one of the reasons I suggest Visitors and Uplanders without lots of UPX value should avoid treasure hunting. Alternatively, if you have time to treasure hunt, Rutherford is an excellent city to get started hunting as its small size lends very well to learning the ropes.

Before visiting others, you must understand how your block explorer moves around the city. He always moves in a random direction and leaves a trail behind him. If you want to move in a specific direction you will have to send yourself to a property and hope that your block explorer starts moving in that direction.

Depending on the tier of the city, visiting fees vary. The cities with the cheapest fees like Bakersfield sends cost from 5-25 UPX, whereas in a city like Manhattan, sends are 40-100 UPX.

There are two ways to get sends – they can be purchased in the Shop at a rate of $0.99 for 10 sends. There is no limit to the number of sends you can purchase, but there is a maximum of 80 sends that can be used in a day.

If you wish to collect sends for free, you must send yourself in range of a paper airplane. Beware that there is a limit of 11 sends that you can hold and collect at any given time for free. You can collect more after some are used, It’s important to note that sending yourself to your own property is free and does not use up a send.