Missions are an exciting way to both play and earn in the Upland Metaverse. For new players, its also a way for players to learn the basics of the Upland Metaverse. For the starter missions, you will be rewarded UPX. We highly recommend completing these starter missions as a new player to earn valuable UPX, but also to better familiarize yourself with the important game mechanics. In addition to these starter missions, Upland also has flash missions that are time bound enabling players a unique way to engage and earn.

Upland’s mission center can be found in the main menu by clicking the 3 dots at the bottom of the game and click missions. The best place to learn how to navigate the Upland interface and menu bar is here. This is a great tool that can supplement your learning as you complete the missions.

In addition to completing these missions as a new player, your first primary goal is to become an Uplander by reaching a net worth of 10,000 UPX. Beyond the instructions provided during the mission, there are lots of important tips and tricks that you are missing out on. We highly suggest following along the Upland Guide New Player YouTube Playlist which walks you through all of the important steps left out of the mission tutorials. By reading up on how to become an Uplander, you can help to give meaning to the different starter missions as they help you reach the goal of 10,000 UPX net worth. Before you reach Uplander status of 10,000 UPX, if you are brand new to Upland, we offer players chances to win additional bonuses if you register for Upland with our referral code.

Upland is a platform where you play, earn, and connect. After earning your way to Uplander, learn about all the different ways you can earn in the metaverse. All the missions and the amount of UPX you earn are detailed in the table below. We highly recommend checking out out this link to help you get started in Upland before completing these mission.

It’s important to choose a correct starting city when entering Upland. If you regret your initial choice as part of the “buy a property” mission you have the one time option to choose a new starting city without having to spend UPX and time to travel to it. Watching this video will help you to determine what starting city might be best for you.

Starter Missions

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