Football Legits

This page is a work in progress. As more information becomes available, this space will become more organized. In many facets, Football (soccer) Legits will function a lot like the NFLPA Legits. There is comprehensive information on the NFLPA Legits here to read up upon as I continue to add more content here. We have a beginners Legits quiz. We recommend taking the NFLPA quiz, as many of the questions are relevant for football legits as well. Keep up to date on our Discord Server to get updated when more content is added to this page. Watch all the Upland Guide youtube videos related to football (soccer) Legits below.

Below is a table detailing the fan points for each of the different tiers of players

TypeTierShirt Fan PointsBoots Fan Points
EssentialSuperstar 1240200
EssentialSuperstar 2-3210175

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