Top 5 Reasons We Love Vanilla Releases

New city releases can be one of the most exciting parts of Upland. This is your chance to buy your childhood home, famous celebrity’s home, your favorite restaurant or historical site. Some of these you might even be able to sell for a nice profit if you choose. Read more about new city releases, and how participating in them can be the best way to grow your net worth. A city released in vanilla mode means that the collections have been determined, but will not be publicly announced until after many of the properties have been purchased. We think these types of releases are are preferred and here are our top 5 reasons why.

Before we get to the list, if this is your first time participating in a new city release, make sure to avoid these mistakes.

  1. Learn about the city
    Without Upland saying where the collection properties are, you have to guess. In order to have an educated guess, you must be familiar with the city – where are the popular neighborhoods, streets, and things that make the city special (Chicago – mobster’s homes, or Frank Lloyd Wright buildings; Cleveland – breweries; etc.). If you aren’t already familiar with the city being released, this is an opportunity to start learning about it. Some research on google can go a long way. Pretend that you are planning a trip to the city – where are the best places to visit, what makes the city famous. These locations might be the best places to buy some properties and might even become part of a collection. Once the collections are revealed (typically a week or more after the release) if you have enough of the properties to complete the collection, you will receive both a one time bonus, and an earnings boost on these properties.
  2. Equal chance to find an ultra rare property
    The ultra rare properties are typically the most coveted properties within a city, and can often sell for several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. In regular city releases, these ultra rare properties are typically held back by Upland and sold or given away as part of exclusive sales or giveaways. In vanilla mode they are available at neighborhood market price without markup, making it more reasonably priced. If you are able to guess that the property is an ultra rare, and be the first one there to mint it, you most certainly have yourself something in high demand that many high net worth players are interested in purchasing.
  3. High risk, high reward
    One common strategy during city releases is to mint collection properties first and sell them for a profit. Fairly straight forward, and if done strategically can be fairly low risk. Things become more difficult when the collections aren’t known. Do you take the chance and purchase all your properties in one neighborhood hoping that it will be a collection. You might find yourself left with many properties that aren’t desired. On the flip side, if you guess right, it could mean huge profits. Beyond that, if your goal is to sell the properties – do you sell before the collection announcement, or after? If someone else thinks it might be a collection and you don’t it might make sense to sell before the announcement for a big markup. On the other hand, if it does turn out to be a collection, you could have lost out on larger profits.
  4. Allows various strategies to emerge
    Given the point above, it might make sense to diversify or try a different strategy. There are lots of groups and communities popping up thinking long term development of neighborhoods or regions. By selling that property for a quick profit, might prove long term to be a mistake. Flipping collection properties are not the only way to grow your net worth and advance in the game.
  5. Encourages more collaboration
    With supply of properties increasing, people become more selective in what they buy. There are always going to be new cities, new properties, new collection, and new ways to grow your net worth. At the end of the day, Upland is a Metaverse. It is expansive, always changing, and social in nature. Don’t disregard the social part. Join the Upland Guide discord server, or look up other businesses, communities or users in our ever expanding directory.

When you are looking to travel to the new city, make sure to use our discord server travel bot. It will tell you both the fastest and cheapest way to travel between any two Upland cities. Before heading there, make sure to read about the top mistakes made in a new city release so you don’t make them!