YK2012’s Metaversary

It has been one year since I signed up and entered the Upland Metaverse! In celebration, everyone can claim a free Dale Llama NFT to celebrate my one year Metaverse anniversary. Continue reading to learn how to claim it. One year ago on April 12th, 2021 I decided to dip a toe into this emerging thing called the Metaverse. NFTs, blockchain, Metaverse, Web 3.0 was all new to me. This was before Facebook changed their name to Meta. A lot has changed in one short year. It’s safe to say that I am a big believer in the Upland Metaverse, and I think that it has great potential to become a lot more than how we see it today. (Not financial advice). I joined during the release of Brooklyn, which was Upland’s fourth city. There was no spark, no construction, no Legits, no selling properties for USD. The game continues to change at a lightning pace.

There was no Upland Guide and the resources available to learn how to play were much more limited. From that came the idea for creating the Upland Guide. As I enter year 2 in Upland, and with a strong foundation of content to help guide new players, I look forward to building on this and providing the greater Upland community with even more value. I believe that knowledge is power, and I do my best to give players the most complete and accurate information to help each individual learn how to succeed in Upland in their own way. With the introduction of manufacturing, cars, racing, Metaventures and more, you can expect to continue to learn from the Upland Guide.

I look forward to opening Metaventures of my own with the hopes of providing both buyers and sellers with attractive prices, top exposure for your assets in shop, and additional rewards for frequent shoppers.

As for the NFT, from now until April 15th at 8 AM PT be one of the first to head over to the Upland Guide Discord server to become a verified member of the Upland Guide community. Upon completion, we will be able to send an NFT on the WAX blockchain to you (while supplies last). We hope that once Upland introduces the ability to show off NFTs within your Upland home that you will proudly show off this NFT of Dale. The Upland Guide was founded only 8 months ago, and just like Upland, we are just getting started. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get one of the Upland Guide’s first NFTs – for free! Once verified on our server, there will be future opportunities to win and earn more NFTs featuring Dale in the future.

In addition to the regular NFT, we are giving away a limited number of VIP variants. These will be given away throughout the week. Make sure to be following us on social media pages (links in footer), and stay tuned to our Announcements channel in Discord to learn how to win one. If you have yet to own any Dale Llama NFTs, you still have an opportunity to get a Founder Sticker here.