Uncollected UPX Earning Cap

In an effort to increase engagement Upland announced that on June 5, 2023 that there will be a maximum uncollected UPX earning cap on owned properties. This means that earnings will stop accumulating at a certain thresh hold based on your Upland status. This does not mean that there is a maximum that you can earn, but a maximum that can sit uncollected. By logging in and collecting your earnings before you reach the maximum, you will ensure that you won’t be missing out on any UPX. Learn more about all the ways you can earn in Upland.

UPX earnings from property yield comes from the community pool, and if you reach the maximum limit before collecting, the additional UPX the remaining upx will remain in the community pool.

For the most accurate calculation of the amount of UPX you earn daily through property yields, multiply your monthly yield by 12 (months/year) and divide by 365 (days/year). Next use the value in the table below and divide by your daily earnings to calculate the number of days you have without collecting earnings before reaching the maximum. You can learn more about calculating earnings here.

Upland StatusUncollected UPX earnings cap (UPX)
Chief Executive8,800,000

Below is a video where I detail 5 reasons why you don’t need to worry about the UPX earning cap.