Own Beverly Hills in Upland

Upland has announced that the first time an exclusive sale of new properties for Ethereum. Uplanders have been waiting for a long time for the release of Beverly Hills, and Upland has used this to help connect more crypto native players to the metaverse. Learn more about connecting your MetaMask wallet to Upland here. Naturally, in order to participate in this sale you will need to connect your MetaMask wallet, and have the required amount of Ethereum in it.

The release of this city is done in a unique way where the only way to mint one of the 7,700 properties in Beverly Hills is through purchasing an Ethereum bundle (ranging from 0.05 eth to 1 eth), participating in other exclusive sales, or winning contests. In these exclusive bundle sales you will get spark, properties (including chances of collection properties, and the opportunity to win a coveted landmark. All the sales details can be found in Upland’s official announcement. The bundle sale starts February 3rd and runs for several weeks.

If you are new to Upland, learn more about new city releases here, as they can be excellent opportunities to own valuable properties, and grow your net worth within Upland. You can even take our quizzes to test your knowledge about all the Upland basics. If you are just now joining the metaverse, make sure to learn about all the bonuses we offer if you sign up with our referral code. This is a great time to capitalize on special spark bonuses during spark week.