Dale the Llama

Meet Dale! Dale is Upland’s Metaverse Guru.

Dale was born in South America and lived most of his life working as a tour guide in the Andes. Dale is very strong and also doubled as a sherpa during his life on Earth. He loves to explore new places and meet new people. In 2019 in a freak accident while hiking, he fell off a cliff and magically ended up in the Upland Metaverse.

Dazed and confused, Dale didn’t know what to do or how to get out of the Metaverse. As he began exploring and trying to find a way back home, he encountered many helpful people along the way. In addition to learning a lot about this new place, he was told of rumors that another llama also lives within Upland. It didn’t take long for Dale to come to terms with the fact that he was stuck in Upland; he rather liked it here.

In addition to traveling, Dale’s hobbies include art, music, sports – especially American football (the NFL), architecture, and technology. Lucky for him there is an abundance of these topics and hobbyists within Upland. For this reason, he was able to picture a great life here and was optimistic about his future. He set a new metalife goal to find this other llama that everyone spoke so highly of.

Llamas are known to be sociable animals, and that is certainly a quality that Dale holds. He happily spent time with other people traveling in the metaverse, learning from them and helping out where he could – primarily carrying their bags of UPX. After a while, word started to spread across the metaverse about Dale, and his quest to find this other llama. Everyone was eager to help, but Dale never had any luck finding him. Quickly other players started relying on Dale for help; he seemed to have become a type of guru, as he knew everyone and everything there was to know about the metaverse. Other players began to call him Dale The Llama. This name was fitting because, beyond the obviousness of Dale being a llama, the word “lama” is the equivalent of the Sanskrit word “guru”.

Dale is always ready to lend a helping hand. After all, he was on the receiving end of lots of help after a traumatic entrance into the metaverse. His mission is to help people find all the amazing places, people, communities, and businesses within the metaverse. Dale believes that everyone has something to offer the metaverse, and he wants to help them find their potential. For this reason, he began compiling the Upland Metaverse Directory, to help other players and newcomers. If you are just getting started in the Metaverse, here is the best page to start, or check out the FAQs.

The Upland Guide has placed Dale on the blockchain by minting him as an NFT. You can check out the limited edition NFTs available to purchase here or read more about them.

If you have any questions or comments for Dale, you can reach out to him in the following ways: