Upland Guide Verification

As part of the Upland Guide mission, we look to introduce Upland players to the world of NFTs and the emerging technologies of web 3.0. We have created the ability for Upland players to collect NFTs by playing Upland and we also have a growing NFT collection of Dale the Llama. Learn more about the collection, and check out the AtomicHub marketplace to grow your collection. We are working on developing ways to provide loyal followers and fans of the Upland Guide with opportunities to obtain rewards, some of which will be NFTs. In order to be eligible for many of these rewards, you must complete the verification process in our Discord server.

By completing the verification process, the Upland Guide will be able to send you free NFTs for being a verified member of the Upland Guide community. We will also be able to provide you with future rewards for playing Upland, special giveaways in our Discord server and more! We are excited to take play to earn gaming to another level with Dale the Llama. By completing the verification process, you agree to our terms and conditions.

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