Sparklet Airdrop Platform

Players in Upland are now able to earn Sparklet (formerly known as spark) by completing missions on X (Twitter) with Upland’s Share and Build Sparklet Airdrop Platform. By liking, reposting, and replying to specific tweets, you earn points. A multiplier (based on your Twitter account’s age, followers and potential reach) is applied to your earned points. At the end of each campaign, your points are totaled and you are awarded Sparklet in your Upland account. You are able to earn points without having an Upland account, but in order to collect the Sparklet, you must have your Upland account connected to the airdrop platform. Learn how to become an Uplander, and sign up for Upland with our referral code for some great bonuses.

Learn how to connect your X (Twitter) and Upland accounts to the airdrop platform below. Make sure you follow the Upland Guide on X (Twitter).