Following a community vote approving the Sparklet white paper, Upland announced that Sparklet will be launched (hopefully in 2024) as a new token on the Ethereum blockchain. Sparklet will be an ERC-20 fungible token that will enable Upland’s in game spark token to be tradeable outside of the metaverse.

Spark is required by players, entrepreneurs and designers, developers and brands. Listed as Crypto Daily’s top GameFi token of 2024, this page will teach you how you will be able to obtain this token. Spark can only be directly obtained within Upland, but anyone will be able to purchase Sparklet on Ethereum and upload it to the metaverse at a conversion rate of 1000 Sparklet = 1 spark. As a utility token, spark is required to construct, manufacture and in the future power your metaverse vehicle.

For players who are active in the metaverse, you can obtain spark through treasure hunting, win contests, daily login bonuses, and during spark week it can be directly purchased. Learn more about these methods and spark here. If you are not active, or are looking to obtain large amounts of spark quickly, buying Sparklet will be the way to go. Its important to note that Spark cannot be sold or transferred to other players. You can rent out your spark, but not sell it. The way to sell your spark is through Sparklet.

As mentioned, spark is a utility token so ideally, people who own it should be utilizing it otherwise it is going to waste. Spark can be rented out, but if you are looking to sell it, you have to convert it to Sparklet on the Ethereum blockchain in order to sell it. If you just purchased sparklet, you should upload it to the metaverse and put it to use. Sparklet itself has no utility within the metaverse, and exists only on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sparklet is an important part of the Upland economy, as it enables players to sell spark they have no use for, or to enable both new and existing players to easily acquire the important resource that fuels the metaverse. Learn more about spark in our youtube playlist, and sparklet below.