Owning collection properties in Upland is an easy way to earn more UPX. The base collections (Newbie, King of the Street and City Pro) are generic collections that can easily be filled by most Uplanders. Read here the basic strategy on when to fill these collection. Other collections are increasingly more difficult. In each city there are 5 different collection rarities – standard, limited, exclusive, rare, and ultra rare. Collections can be owning a specified number of properties in a specific neighborhood or street. Ultra rare properties are typically a collection of properties that make the specific city special – breweries in Cleveland, buildings design by Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago, etc. See the video down below to learn how to add properties into a collection.

If you own a complete collection you receive a one time UPX bonus for completing the collection after the predetermined holding period. Based on the rarity of the collection, you must place the properties in the collection and have them there for the minimum time period before you receive toe one time UPX bonus. Learn more about this feature that was implemented in April 2022.

On top of that, as long as you have the collection active (holding the properties in that specific collection) you earn a boosted earnings factor on top of the annual yield. The boost factor is a function of the collection rarity and city tier level. Essentially, the more difficult it is to collect all the properties required for the collection, the larger the boost factor will be.

In April 2023, Upland introduced neighborhood ratings, where top the top neighborhoods will be rewarded by spawning new collection. This will reward property owners to earn the one time bonus as well as boosted earnings. Learn more about the neighborhood ratings and the metrics used to determine which neighborhoods will spawn these new collection.

For example, the Chinatown exclusive collection (pictured below) in Chicago requires you to own 4 properties in the Chinatown neighborhood. By doing so, and after adding those properties to the collection you will receive a 5,600 UPX bonus. In addition to that, the monthly earnings of the 4 properties being held in the collection are multiplied by a factor of 2.02. For example, if one of your properties has a mint value of 10,000 UPX, your base earnings will be 10,000 UPX x annual yield of 14.7% (example) / 12 months = 121 UPX/month. As part of the collection that property will earn you 244.42 UPX/month, or 29.7% of the mint price. Note that this calculation is based on a variable yield model, where through gamified yields, active players are able to increase their yields. Learn more here.

Collection properties however are more expensive than non-collection properties of that neighborhood (except when the city was released in vanilla mode – more on this below). For example, the Paseo West neighborhood in Kansas City has a neighborhood value of 137 UPX/UP2. Click here to understand the calculation. Within that neighborhood (and others) runs Troost Ave. which is an exclusive collection. The properties on Troost Ave. within Paseo West cost 411 UPX/UP2, which is 3 times the cost of a non collection property in Paseo West. The cost multiplier factors based on collection type can be found in the table below.

Collection TypeMint Factor MultiplierHolding Period
Limited1.53 days
Exclusive314 days
Rare1121 days
Ultra Rare2121 days

If your strategy is to mint as many properties as possible, minting collection properties will hinder that strategy, as they are more expensive (in standard release mode). Don’t be fooled by the size of the property; that alone is not indicative of it’s initial price, and most certainly not its value. On the other hand, collection properties typically have high demand, which increases their market value. In general, during new city releases, minting properties in neighborhoods that are expected to be in high demand and selling them quickly is a good way of growing your net worth. Read more about new city releases here.

On the other hand, if your strategy is to hold for a long term investment and being a hands off player, minting collection properties is a great strategy. Adding a boost to that property yield return will give you great earnings. This strategy means you don’t need many properties. If the collection requires 3 properties, you should buy the 3 largest properties that are within your budget. Only those 3 properties are factored into the boost, therefore any additional ones you have only yield the base earnings.

A city released in vanilla mode means that the collections aren’t known during the release. They have been defined, but not yet revealed. For the crypto aficionados, check out this link on how to verify this on the blockchain. This means that the collection properties do not have the collection multiplier added to their mint price. When the collections are revealed (typically one week after the city release) any non-minted property will have its price adjusted based on its multiplying factor described above. One of the special things about vanilla releases is that ultra rare properties are available to be minted. Typically these properties are held back from a city release and given away as part of contests or giveaways by Upland. In a vanilla release, if you are able to guess the theme of the collection and mint those properties you have found yourself some very special and valuable properties.

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