If you have every tried to take a subway in NYC, it can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, the same is true in Upland. This page will help you to understand how to travel in the greater New York region of Upland. If you are not using our Discord Travel Bot, it is an excellent tool to help you find both the cheapest and fastest routes between any two cities in Upland. If you find yourself already in the New York area, this page will suffice to understand how to travel. If you are looking to learn more about traveling between cities in general, read more here.

On the map, it can appear that some of the cities are connected and you might be able to wander between them without taking public transportation, but that is not true. Rutherford and Staten Island are clearly separated. Geographically, Manhattan is an island in itself. But it might be difficult to distinguish where Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx start and begin. Below you can see the Upland map along with the borders of each of the different cities. It is important to note that JFK Airport, which is in Queens is actually connected to Manhattan (the airplane terminals are circled in green). You can send yourself from any property in Manhattan to the airport, and from the airport directly to any property in Manhattan. Travelling between the different cities require you to take public transportation.

The travel times between each of the cities are only a few minutes, and the variation between them are not large. Below you can see a table detailing the cost in UPX to travel between the different cities. In order to simplify the travel, we have decided not to include the travel times.

  1. Send yourself to the Staten Island bus terminal and take the train to Queens. From the same Queens train terminal take the bus to JFK. From JFK you can send yourself directly to any property in Manhattan.
  2. Send yourself to the JFK airport. Then send yourself to the bus terminal north-west of the airport and take the bus to Queens. After departure, from the Queens train terminal take the train to Staten Island

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