If you ever wanted to know the circumstances of how a block explorer entered Upland, or its original mint price, the Upland Guide Block Explorer Directory is a complete list of all the block explorers, their collections, and under what circumstances they were issued.

Block explorers are an important part of the Upland. First and foremost, they are your avatar and a way to express yourself in the Metaverse. Reaching director status (having a net worth of 1,000,000 UPX) will enable you to have a custom block explorer created just for you. These block explorers are NFTs that can be bought, sold or traded. Buying and selling of these explorers can be done through Block Explorer Metaventures.

Your block explorer is also a critical part of racing in Upland. Each block explorer will function as the driver in the race. You will have the ability to train and improve the racing abilities of your block explorer. As racing is still in alpha testing, the block explorer functionality has not yet been implemented. Learn more about racing in Upland here.

Every time a new feature is introduced to Upland, we can expect to see terraformers and wizards as new rare and unique block explorers to commemorate the milestone. Learn about these special explorers here.

The link below is complete directory of all the block explorers in Upland (except for the custom director explorers). You can browse the origin of the explorer, when it was issued, other explorers that are part of the same collection, and quantities that exist of each. If you are looking to buy or sell one, you can also look up which Upland Guide Block Explorer Metaventures specializes in selling each explorer. You can also see the Upland Guide Maps to find other Block Explorer Metaventures.

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