MV Motors Production Catalogue

Below is a list of car models produced at the MV Motors Manufacturing plant at 1440 Network Circle in Santa Clara, California. The statistics shown in the table below are the ‘as manufactured’ parameters. It is not only possible, but likely that these statistics can change over time – just like in the real world, in general a used car will not perform as well as a new car. Whether you are looking to compare different car models for racing, or to strategize for a fleet for your delivery business, this table is a good initial point to begin your research and comparisons.

Model Off road rating (/100)Durability rating (/100)Reliability Rating (/100)Energy Efficiency rating (/100)Handling (/100)Braking (/100)Acceleration (/100)Speed rating (/100)Horsepower (HP)Weight (kg)DrivetrainWheelsSeatsCargo Capacity (L)
Series 1 Genesis113534152625689210252279AWD42340
Series 1 R11353415242465891202279AWD42340
Series 2 R51468160182252684682388AWD45640
Series 4 R78627544202147615902219AWD451167
Series V E63576740152141554032890AWD4121767
Series S E1891691112927436707893AWD1020
Series T R928879352220456150529484WD462260

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