Private Transportation

In addition to travelling by public transportation (plane, train, bus, or hyperloop), players can now travel between cities with their own private vehicle.

Currently if you own a vehicle, there is no cost to using it to travel between cities, but its important to know that in the future players will need to charge their cars with spark, which will act as fuel, your car will accumulate mileage and its possible that your vehicle will experience wear and tear. These factors may influence your future decision as to take your car or opt for public transportation. The different types of vehicles have different attributes, one of which includes the number of seats. In the future you will be able to carry multiple passengers as you drive to different cities. The video below shows you how to find out how many seats your vehicle has.

Learn how to travel between two cities below. Your destination must be on the same land mass as your starting point, and you must own a property in your destination city. There will be cities that will only be accessible by vehicle, and those cities will have launching pad properties owned by Upland that can be used as a parking lot for players who do not own a property in that city. Travel times are a function of distance and speed rating. Learn how to calculate your travel times in this video.