Collecting NFL Player Legits are not exclusively for (American) football fans. Whether you like it or not (we hope you do), Legits are quickly becoming an important part of the Metaverse, and its something that any player can take part in. This page is meant to provide some insight as to how to begin collecting and engaging in the Legits community without being a football expert. Don’t forget to check out the Upland Guide Beginners Guide to Football, and the NFL Player Legits FAQ page. There we will teach you enough about the sport for you to feel confident in buying/selling/ and trading NFL player Legits. Watch our YouTube playlist that goes into more detail about NFL Player Legits, and when you think your are done, take the quiz!

If you are a casual football fan, or not a fan at all the best way to get started is by choosing one team to focus on. In short the most primitive strategy is to collect Legits of one team, create team collections to increase you fan points and rise in the leader board. As you rise in the ranking you will have a better chance at minting a Memento of that team. Future features include getting an Autograph or blending Essentials (common Legits) to get Replicas. Learn how replicas work because chances are you won’t get what you need. This will bring you into the world of trading or selling Legits, where you will be able to get a Replica you are in need of, or UPX/USD for making a sale. The opportunity of getting a limited replica that another player might need, and be willing to pay for is an enticing reason to start collecting Legits.

Choose your team

The first step is to choose your favorite team. If you don’t already have a favorite NFL team, below is a list of things you can consider to help you choose your new favorite NFL team:

  • Do you have a favorite NFL player? You may be able to collect Autographs or Spotlights (future features) of him, so growing his team’s fan points will likely help your odds. Here are a list of the NFL players in Upland. Maybe he is already in the Metaverse!
  • Do you have a favorite city? Many of Upland’s existing cities host NFL teams. Maybe you live in that city in real life, or own many properties there within Upland and have set that city as your primary residence within the Upland Metaverse. With that city as your home base, it might make sense to choose that city’s team as your favorite. Here is a list of teams, and the city’s addresses where the Legits can be purchased.
  • You have Upland properties in many cities, so the previous question doesn’t help. Maybe you own properties that are close to a stadium. With the future release of cars and real time block explorer movement, just like in the real world there is an advantage to living close to the stadium if you frequent it often to mint Legits. If you are looking to mint essentials of a specific team, your best bet would be to mint a team essential bundle at the stadium.
  • Do you have a friend playing Upland that is a football fan? Consider adopting their favorite team as your own, and help him out.
  • Do you have several friends playing Upland? Consider collecting a different team to make trading easier as each friend will collect a different team.
  • What team will make the playoffs? Only Pass Bundles can give you an opportunity to get a playoff pass. Getting more valuable mementos is dependent on your fan score of that team. If you are able to correctly guess the team/s that will make the playoffs and collect those Legits, you will have a better chance of minting a more valuable memento of that team if you own a relevant pass.
  • From a pure monetary perspective, what is the most popular team/player? Receiving their Replicas or Mementos will likely sell at higher prices (economics 101 – supply and demand).

Getting Started

Once you have chosen your new favorite team, if you don’t own a property in that city we highly consider purchasing one. Here are a list of cities and their property availability. If the city is sold out, you will have to buy on on the secondary market. Next, if you have spark, you will want to start building what will likely be your future primary residence. In preparation for cars, and real time block explorer movement keep in mind your proximity to the stadium.

Begin to familiarize yourself with the players on your favorite team. A quick google search of the team is a good place to start. Head over to youtube and watch some highlights of your new favorite team and players. Check out Madden player rankings, as this is a great place to compare players if you are not an avid football fan. This is a good way to compare players if you are looking to sell or trade Legits.

Understanding Legits

Now it is time to understand the world of Upland Legits. Understanding the mechanics will help you to define a more detailed strategy and build up your fan points. Here are the important topics to help you get started.

  1. Learn about the types of Legits – Essentials, Replicas, Mementos, Autographs, Spotlights
  2. Learn about the different bundles that can be purchased to start your Legits collection.
  3. Learn about the functionality of Legits
  4. Learn about Legits collections and how completing them will help you boost your fan points.
  5. Learn about Replicas. How to blend them and utilize the secondary marketplace and other players to offload unwanted Replicas and obtain one’s you need. (future feature)
  6. Learn how to mint a Memento

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