Upland Tours

What are Upland Tours? A tour in the metaverse is the same as one in real life. You visit locations of importance and learn about them. The benefit of the Upland tours are that you don’t physically have to travel there, only your block explorer does. You get to experience the sites, and even get spark for participating!

Each tour is unique to its city and surroundings and a great way to get to travel and experience different cities in the metaverse!

Aside form experiencing a tour, each player who completes the tour receives a custom block explorer that commemorates the tour, or spark – depending on the tour. In the past, players were rewarded with block explorers for completing the tours instead of spark. Below is the custom block explorer that was given to participants of the “A Hero Is Drawn” comic book tour of Manhattan. If you would like to see Upland reward players with a block explorer for participating in the tour, read my suggestion and upvote it! Click here to view the tour locations of the Hero is Drawn tour on our instagram stories. In addition to the reward, you receive UPX which comes close to covering the cost of registration for the tour. (Make sure that you read the press release for the tour you are participating in. This information may not be 100% accurate).

upland comic book custom block explorer

How to register and participate?

If you are a new player with limited UPX, ask yourself does it make sense for me to spend UPX to travel to another city to participate in the tour. A small reward can be nice, but ask yourself if its worth it at the moment if you are still trying to grow your portfolio and net worth.

You can check out some of these previous tours in Upland on our Instagram account.