Rio de Janeiro City Expansion

Today, there was a second land release of Rio de Janeiro. Approximately 20,000 new properties were added (about 4,400 of those were FSA properties) to the initial release of the city. This brings the total property numbers in Rio to about 70,000 properties. The collections were revealed previously, and this city expansion was done in standard mode. Below is a graphic illustrating the neighborhoods that were released today.

This is a list of the neighborhoods that were released:

  • Alta da Boa Vista
  • Catumbi
  • Estácio
  • Gávea
  • Humaitá
  • Jardim Botânico
  • Lagoa
  • Praça da Bandeira
  • Rio Comprido
  • Rocinha
  • São Conrado
  • Tijuca
  • Vidigal

The release was not smooth, where for the first 7 minutes players were unable to send themselves to properties they did not own. The release was locked, and 8 minutes later the release was continued. Afterwards the release continued without any issues.

This was the first release with the new FSA restrictions, where players were only able to mint 3 FSA properties each day. Learn more about these FSA restrictions in the video below: