Carnival Ornaments

As Upland prepares for Carnival in the metaverse, check out the design competition winners. Click each picture to see and rotate the complete 3D model. These structure ornaments will be sold in game with 70% of the sales going to the player who submitted the model. Registration for the sale begins Thursday February 9th at 8AM PT. Learn more about the sale on Upland’s official announcement.

Beyond the ornaments being sold below, Upland’s partnership with the Mangueira Samba School in Rio de Janeiro also brings an in game sale of ornaments and block explorers. We will have more info on this as it is announced. We assume it will function similarly to the Jacky Tsai ornament sale this past Halloween. Learn more about carnival in the metaverse here.

Watch this video to learn more about some of Upland’s upcoming unannounced partnerships, and my speculation for the next city release.

The Great Beach Party – Small Town House V1. Designer: malamaca

Son of the Carnival – Ranch House. Designer: joelives

The Big Band – Micro House. Designer: Deathender

Primal Party Prince – Town House. Designer: Ben68

Futbol Fever – Apartment Building. Designer: morecheese

Flight of the Carnival – Luxury Ranch House. Designer: theagency

Curupira – Luxury Modern House. Designer: rustyoka

Carnival Queen – Small Town House V2. Designer: Dashut