Upland Guide YouTube Directory

In addition to this website, the Upland Guide has a YouTube channel with detailed tutorials and additional commentary around basic strategies, tips, tricks, and lots more! If you are looking for a quick regular current event updates, they can be found by subscribing to our Podcast, where we provide 2-5 minute updates a few times a week. Below you can find all the YouTube videos properly organized into categories, and their relevant playlists.

  • New Player Help: This playlist has all the basic fundamentals you need to know to learn about Upland.  These tutorials are filled with important tips and tricks to prevent you from encountering errors, or worse - waste valuable UPX!
  • General preparation for new city release: Learn about new city releases, what to expect, how they work and some important tips and tricks to ensure you set yourself up for success!
  • How to - Shorts: This playlist is a random collection of 60 second how to videos!
  • Money Saving Tips: Lots of juicy tips that will save you time and more importantly UPX!
  • Spark: Everything you need to know about spark - the important Upland Metaverse resource used to manufacture cars, 3D items and homes in the metaverse.
  • Economy: Videos that will help you understand more about the Upland Metaverse Economy. Read more here.
  • Metaventures: Learn more about player run businesses, or metaventures in Upland. If you are looking to start your own business, these are must watch introductory videos.  Read more about metaventures here.
  • Manufacturing: Cars, outdoor decor and other goods will require a factory to produce them, and spark is the resource that will do produce these assets.  Learn more about manufacturing and everything related to the supply chain in this playlist.
  • Block Explorers: Learn about block explorers which are not only your avatar, but also your car drivers in car racing!
  • Block Explorer Shops: Learn more about some of these player run metaventures.
  • Transportation: Learn about transportation and travelling within the Upland Metaverse.
  • Vehicles: Learn about Upland cars, and everything you need to know about vehicles in the Metaverse.
Real Estate
  • Upcoming City Release: Whatever city is the next one to be released in Upland, this is the playlist that will give new players all the necessary knowledge to be prepared to mint properties in that specific city.
  • Architecture: See some of the great architecture and designs that exist in the Metaverse.
  • Landmarks: View some of the unique landmarks in Upland - These properties are special to each city and are locations that millions of tourists visit every year in the real world! By checking out the landmarks, its a great way to learn about a city's history and architecture.
  • Verified Uplander: Learn about the famous individuals who have partnered with Upland and have that blue checkmark indicating they are officially verified Uplanders.
  • Announcements: Noteworthy announcements from Upland as well as the Upland Guide.
  • Contests: In this playlist you can see official contests that have been held by Upland, as well contests held by the Upland Guide.
  • Events: Noteworthy events in the Metaverse
  • Interviews: Interviews of YK2012 as well as other prominent Uplanders.
Entertainment & Competition
Upland Legits
Miscellaneous Playlists
  • Technology: A collection of videos about technology as it pertains to the Upland Metaverse.
  • Upland Partnerships: Learn about some of the partnerships that Upland has created, and brought brands into the Metaverse.