Upland Badges

Badges are items that are awarded to players for completing a task, attending an event, winning a competition, or by burning a season pass. For example, in 2023, I was awarded Upland’s Broadcaster of the Year for my dedication and work to developing the Upland Guide and creating social media content, and my YouTube videos.

These badges are visible within a player’s profile and on the map next to your block explorer. Badges are not assets that you own, and they are non-transferrable to other players.

There are certain badges that can evolve by completing other tasks, or leveling up. For example, below you can see the evolution of the Genesis Week attendee badge which is awarded to players who attended Upland’s Genesis Week – an in person event that was held in Las Vegas.

Check out the Upland Guide Blog to browse some of the different badges that were awarded to players.

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