Upland Season Passes

Season passes gives you the opportunity to own up to 6 different cosmetic items each season that can enhance your uniqueness and metaverse identity within Upland. By purchasing a pass from the Upland store for $6.99 and burning it, you will receive a special badge like the one below, and each week for the remaining duration of the season you will receive one mystery cosmetic item. The distribution method is explained further below.

Collecting these cosmetic items are primarily for players who appreciate style and cosmetics. Players who want to enhance their identity in Upland and tailor their in game identity will enjoy these items where as time goes on can become increasingly rare and unique. Its important to note that these cosmetic items are not NFTs and cannot be sold or traded. They are tied to your account and can be used forever. The passes themselves are NFTs and can be traded or sold in variety metaventure shops. Players may want to own these cosmetic items or badges to symbolize your dedication and proficiency among fellow players that may earn you respect and recognition within the community.

Below is an example of one of the weekly drops

To obtain all 6 cosmetic items for the season, purchase and burn the season pass before the first Tuesday of the season (9AM PT is the deadline where the snapshot is taken). Each item is distributed weekly on Tuesdays. If for whatever reason you choose to burn the pass for example on the first Thursday, you will still receive the badge and be eligible for the remaining 5 Tuesday drops for the season. Any drops that are missed, you will not receive the item for. The same is true for subsequent weeks.

Click here to see the items that were part of the inaugural drop. This drop coincided with the upcoming Superbowl, and was therefore football themed.

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