Upland Racing for Stakes

As an Uplander, you are able to earn UPX while car racing. Compete with your friends in competitions, hone your skills and race to win! Entry fees can range anywhere from 0 to 100,000 UPX with the winner more than doubling up their entry fee. This page details the earnings payout when racing for stakes. To get started racing, you will need a car, a block explorer, and skills! Check out this video to learn how to win car races.

In addition to wining UPX, by racing for stakes during the Upland Racing Series, which happens each season, you can win points to climb the leaderboard to win great prizes at seasons end.

Upland has said that race winners can receive 70% of the UPX prize pool, but this is dependent on the number of racers. What does your earnings come to after transaction fees and the speedway metaventure’s rake? How much are you actually winning? Use the Upland Guide Race for Stakes Calculator. Here you can select the number of racers and the entry fee and you can immediately see exactly how much each player will pay and earn!

The table and graph below show the amount of UPX you will earn as a percentage of your initial entry fee after the transaction fees. Number of racers refers to the number of humans that participate in the race. If you are 2 players racing for stakes along with 4 other AI racers, the human who crosses the finish line first will win the first place prize even if he finishes 5th. If you race for stakes alone, you will receive a full refund of your entry fee.

The calculation below is based on the speedway metaventure being operated by another player. 5% of the total prize pool will be awarded to the metaventure owner. Note that metaventure owners will be subjected to paying venture dues.

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